Thursday, May 04, 2006

So This Is What He Does With His Time?

My 7 year old son has been absolutely obsessed with the Gameboy, so I put it away. His favorite game was Lego Star Wars.

So, since I am absolutely Mean Mommy and wouldn't let him play (he really gets unhealthily seems to be part of his Asperger's), he made his own!

Some bounty hunter, General Grevious and a Jedi

Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin Skywalker

What I love about it is, he drew them, colored them, cut them out, taped them to paper plates, cut those out... and he doesn't even realize what kind of fine-motor practice he is getting! If I asked him to write for an hour, he would come unglued. But drawing his characters for hours is just fine. And his writing has really improved since he started, and so has his cutting skills. I am thrilled, so let me brag a bit.Bear with me, O come some more pictures. But you are tolerant, aren't You? Oh, yes, You are. Thank you.

Obi Wan, Yoda and General Grevious

Here is a detail of General Grevious- this is his best, I think. Notice the hook-like Lego hands, and the flat feet. Also, the one-dimensional look that Lego people all have.

A close up of the Jedi and Yoda

This is a Jedi, a bounty hunter (Boba Fett?) and Anakin.

T, who thinks stop-motion, i-Movie and the i-Sight camera could be in my son's future soon

7 sent chocolate:

Mom Nancy said...

These are really amazing! Very imaginative, too!

Froggie Mama said...

WOW! You SHOULD be very proud! He has some talent and you are right about the motor skills! My favorite is Yoda! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! he's good!


Chaotic Mom said...

I am LAUGHING MY HINEY OFF right now! I HAVE to show these to my boys. They love that game on their Playstation2, Legos Star Wars. I'VE even played it a little.

But, alas, they've also been banned from video games for various reasons. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my site, too!

Buffy said...

This is so sweet.

angela said...

Alright Missy, for whatever it's worth, I have you on my Thursday Thirteen mishap. And I get it about the kids...mine too...I usually tell them I'm going to sell them to the next band of wandering nomads I see if the price is your site...:-)

Cmommy said...

He is very creative--I know that my 5 yr-old will flip when I show him these drawings in the morning! He takes his light sabers everywhere!! :-)C

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