Thursday, March 02, 2006

How I Homeschool

I started a homeschool can find that here

I began homeschooling my son four years ago. I never expected to go down that path. It was for other people. You know, the ones who wear kitty sweatshirts and wear Keds. Shhhh! But he wasn't handling school well, and the district didn't have a good placement for him. He didn't need a special education class, and he couldn't function in the mainstream class. Where did that leave us? We also had some awful experiences with the "autism experts" provided by the district. So much so, that trying to get my son to school in the morning required me physically dressing him, dragging him out the door and there were lots of tears, from both of us. School for my son was a toxic place. Besides, the teacher sent home his undone schoolwork. I was already homeschooling him!

The following year, I brought my daughter home instead of sending her to jr. high. She is going into high school now, and we haven't looked back.

Here are a couple of older posts that explain why we homeschool:

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I used to home school, too (3 kids for 5 years k-high, plus newborn at home)! Now my kids attend a 4 day charter which we (I) love! Home schooling is a full time job...not for the faint of heart...good for you!

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