Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There Were Kids Hiding Under There!

Today I insisted that my children get their hair cut. If you have been reading, you know my son, who does a great impression of a sheepdog, wanted to grow his hair longer. But, I think when you can't see, it is time have your hair cut. So, Mean Mommy that I am, I dashed my son's hopes of growing Bucky hair ::shudder:: and we made a trip to the local haircut place.

Except for threatening to go and find a wolf who would raise them if they were going to act as if they were raised by wolves anyway, the trip passed without incident. (and the little turkeys thought it was funny!) There is a play house and toys at the haircutters, and my kids were getting a bit carried away. My huge pet peeve is screaming, especially indoors, and most assuredly not in a place of business! Try telling this to a 4 year old. I did, over and over again.

Here are before and after photos, you tell me if they were overdue for a hacking. J3 cut her own hair one morning while I was in the bathroom. In order avoid a mullet, we had to cut her hair shorter than I would have liked.

And just so the oldest doesn't feel left out, here she is hard at work

T, who really would like to find a wolf to blame the parenting on at times

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