Monday, May 15, 2006

How My Daughter Sees Me

This is the poem that my 12 year old wrote in her card for Mother's Day:

affectionate, intelligent, comical, great mother
Lover of Christ
Who feels love for children
Who needs to love
Who fears no one
Who goes to dinner
Who said, "I wouldn't trade you for the world"
Resident of the "zoo"

I was really touched with the "lover of Christ." I guess she sees it? And she has been listening when I tell her that I love her and wouldn't trade my job as her mother for anything in the world. I love that she thinks I am funny. She hasn't quite hit the "My Parents Are Idiots" stage yet, thankfully. In a couple of years, the idea of my being funny won't even be entertained, I would imagine.

I actually can't wait...I will get to embarrass her. Know any really bad jokes? Send them to me so I can start practicing.

T, who thinks I have given birth to the next Poet Laureate (just not for Dubya!

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Bar Bar A said...

That is so touching! Must have made your day.

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