Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Day to Us All, Everywhere!

Happy Mother's Day! Helene from adventures in parenthood asked us to create trading cards for ourselves. We were supposed to upload to to flickr, but mine isn't showing, since I didn't have enough pictures there yet. (What can I say? I use Snapfish)

So, here is my trading card. Love me. I am awesome.

"Mommy! Get OUT! Don't come in my room until after Sunday!" I have been banned. Apparently there is something large looming as a surprise for My Day. I was sent an email invitation and had to RSVP. Tonight I was asked what my favorite song was and what CD it was on. Keep in mind that JBug has a laptop, and is not afraid to use it. She is actually more tech-savvy than I am when it comes to iMovie and Pages. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow, there isn't a lot planned by for me. Upon request, we went to lunch today, so we dont' have to fight the crowds tomorrow. We will go to church, and then probably Wendy's, somewhere where we don't have to wait. In the evening, as is tradition, the entire extended family on J's side will get together at a local restaurant. He has 5 brothers and sisters. Of those, 2 are married with children. I have the oldest children, my sister-in-law's oldest child is six. It can be hard for JBug, because she has to go and be an example trust me, she could be an example for anyone, she is a very well-behaved kid, especially in public and in front of others. But I would imagine it is the pressure of having to be a Role Model that gets to her. She was the first, there is no one else she can go to for advice upon being a cousin.

I had older cousins, it was easier, I think. I also didn't see my cousins that much, since we lived far away from one another. All of my kids' cousins are local so we see them every holiday. They are good kids, don't get me wrong. Love them dearly. But I think it would be nice if there were older cousins. But, that's what happens when you marry the second born in a family. The first born brother has no children.

I am boring you tonight, Internet. I know, sorry. I really should just go to bed. Maybe I am too tired to actually write tonight. Nothing I said here was funny or witty or really makes one damn bit of difference. I could hit delete and you would never miss it. and what the hell was I thinking...with the lame spam post that was just before this one? Has the well run dry already? I hope not. I think I can be funny and entertaining again, really. You can't see me but I am making funny faces. Oh, and thinking funny thoughts, too. Is that good? How about if I stand on one foot?? Nothin. I know I am not Ze Come to think of it, no one is...except Ze.. Please don't leave me, Internet. How can I pander to you? What do you want? That's legal, I mean. I can't pay you, but I could sing. Want me to sing? I have no shame. I'll do it.

Clearly I have lost it. I should just hit "delete" and call it a night. Instead, I am hitting publish. Don't hate me in the morning.

T, who needs to go to bed

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2 sent chocolate:

Helene said...

love the card -- I need some chocolate too! If it's not showing the in the gallery. I;d be happy to post to my Flickr account for you. Just email me & Happy Supermom's Day

Bar Bar A said...

I do the same thing...write when I am tired and then wonder if I should hit delete. I am glad you didn't! Sometimes those "too tired to really care what I am saying" posts are the best!

I love the card you made and my have to make one later (after I do the laundry - it doesn't seem fair but if I don't do it no one will!)

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