Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Your Web Page Stinks

I don't usually do multiple posts, but I ran across this one and I was cracking up. He hit the nail right on the head. Check out, Why I Cannot Visit Your Web Site. Have you committed any of these design sins??

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Rachel said...

Grrr... I left you a big long comment, and Blogger ate it.

Well, I don't like the word "normal," but I am a fully functional young adult, yes :). I have two sisters who have graduated from homeschool high school as well. One just finished her Bachelor's in Communications and the other is the chief graphic design artist for a company that designs parade inflatables and floats. Other homeschool grads I know are doing things like raising wonderful families, running private ballet studios, serving as missionaries overseas, and other cool things. So YES... hold on to your dream of homeschooling through high school. I'm not a parent, but I have a feeling it's even more rewarding than doing it through grade school. In high school your kids start giving back, and the relationships formed are a beautiful thing :).

Do I feel that I missed out on anything by not going to public high school... yes. Negative peer pressure, shallow culture, sexual pressures and harassment, too much or too little time spent on various subjects, too much time in an artificial environment that does not prepare people for real life. Instead I got to build relationships with my family and many other amazing people around the world, work in the ministry, write books, study my Bible... all sorts of great things like that.

Like I said, stick with your dream.

Nancy said...

That list is so dead on! I loathe the black backgrounds with white type. Hate it even more when I find the content interesting and I can't read it because of that.
But I have to say....I thought the dancing hamsters were a little cute.
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

HanFei said...

Just recently started blog for like 5 months ago .....
cant commemnt much lol.....
btw thanks for signing up the campaign, and i hope that you will consider of starting a campaign of ya own! :)

pia said...

I have probably comitted most blogging sins at one time or another--though no in your face music, smiley faces, pop-ups etc

That my blog is pink and has a pin-up is sin enough for many people

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have written many posts on high functioning Aspergers. Am all too aware of how I learn. The real problem is my inablity to bring my writing to the next level due to my own fears and need to see everybody else do well

Really like your sidebar on Christians who aren't to the right

Am not Christian but as I understand it radical rightists aren't real Christians for they have no empathy and much else

ed bacchus said...

This is a great post. I have committed most of these already.....Saw you on BOTB and you got my vote....

TLC said...

Rachel: glad to hear you are well-adjusted. It gives me much hope! And wonderful to see that you don't secretly hate your parents for keeping you out of high school! That is a worry for me.

nancy: I agree, black background/white type should be outlawed. I don't even read those blogs anymore. If they have a funky background, say, teal, with fuschia text, I am gone. If you want me to read it, make it readable. If it is for self-expression only, perhaps a journal would better suit the writer.

pia: thanks for writing about your experiences. I think your blog is pretty and definitely well-organized. Happy that you noticed my sidebar, and yes, there is a Religious Left but it is hard because where I am, it is easy to feel disenfranchised.

ed: aw, aren't you sweet! Guess what? I WON! Shock of shocks.

Allison said...

Thanks for the link! It was a great list - basically all of the thoughts that run through my head as I am surfing the Internet.

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

TLC, wish I could figure out why you can't see my text...I can't though. The list was fun to read though!

Karl said...

Hey, thanks for the plug. Very nice surprise. And no big deal, but the name of the article is "Why I Cannot Visit Your Web Site." I've got a more blog-centric list coming up soon, most likely with the incredibly creative title "Why I Cannot Visit Your Blog." ha.

TLC said...

Allison: glad you enjoyed it. Karl writes well and I really identified with his article.

mj, bg and sam: I have no idea why I can't see your blog either. I use Firefox on Mac, maybe that has something to do with it? Sometimes, what looks good in Internet Explorer doesn't match the looks in other browsers. The old WSIWYG vs. WYSIWOG debate. What you see isn't necessarily what others see. Does that make sense?

Karl: It definitely is a big deal. Sorry for misquoting you, I will change it, forthwith.

Karl said...

Forthwith...I so love that word. :)

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