Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Color Me MINE

Yes I know it is very pink. For now, it will have to do. The brown was awful, and I was tired of it. Can't figure out how to get rid of the brown border though. Will have to ask Tech Support, but he is sleeping right now.

We are hard at work on a new tempate, but it isn't finished yet. I want columns, baby! Specifically, three of them. And Tech Support, aka J, is working on some graphics for me to make this feel more like home. It isn't professional design, but I kind of like the idea of homegrown better. Just me. Just my blog. Just my input.

So..for now, this color will have to do. Probably will get the other changes in place by this weekend. See, when you are married to a geek, they have to tweak parameters. (And you have to validate your code. At least I am learning properly!)

J wants my page to be variable width. So, if you adjust the size of the window, the page will adjust without cutting off content. I just smile and nod...he's free of charge for web design. And he mostly listens to me about what I want.

"Maybe it would be better on that wall after all, honey...I know, it's heavy. Have I said Thank You? I don't think I actually like that color, can we repaint? No, really, I don't think I can live with this shade..."

A saint, I tell you. He is an absolute saint.

T, who says there are advantages to being married to a computer geek

3 sent chocolate:

Cmommy said...

I like the brown border~~it reminds me of brownie batter, chocolate kisses, etc. Your blog name is brilliant, btw!

happy designing :-)C

Tammy said...

Hi TLC, I'm Tammy stopping by with a huge box of chocolate just for you. I little bird told me you could use some :) I'm glad you like your kids and J likes computers. I'll keep in touch and the coffee is always on.

I have the brown too. lol

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Hey TLC,
Thanks for checking back with my blog. I don't know why you are having trouble seeing it. No one else has problems with it. Very Strange!! When I look at mine...it is exactly like yours (With the exceptions of your new colors!) I, unlike you, am Not married to a computer nerd...so I have no one to help me with colors and designs. I would LOVE to have a more unique website design.:o( About all I know how to do is type and post pictures. ha ha. I'll try to mess around with it though and see what I can figure out. Hope you have a great day!

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