Tuesday, May 02, 2006

See How Cool I Am?

When J1 turned 12, I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. I tossed out some possibilities: lunch and movie with friends, bowling with friends, a Girl's Day Out, just the two of us. I never thought she would pick that one! But, guess what? She did.

and no one was more surprised than I was!

So, Saturday morning found us sitting at the nail salon, getting manicures and pedicures I can't believe I forgot my camera! I was so disappointed. I set it to charge the night before and then forgot it. Still, we had a great time. I always feel funny about getting a pedicure, sitting in those huge thrones and having someone at my feet scrubbing them. I guess it is my liberal guilt. That comes from Christian imagery: the servant washed the feet. In fact, Jesus washed his disciples feet as an example to be humble. So, I think I have erm- issues with the idea of someone else touching my feet. (I assuaged said Liberal Guilt by tipping well).

After lunch, we went to Togos, a sandwich shop here on the West Coast that my daughter loves. She was able to order her favorite, egg salad, and we split it. We can't get sandwiches out much, because of the diet her brother is on: he can't have wheat or dairy. So this was a special thing for us both.

Then, Book Geeks that we are, we went to the bookstore and pooped around for a while. We both just love to read. I ended up buying her 4 books; 2 of the Warriors books, and The Great Good Thing along with the sequel as well. Scary to think that when choosing a day out for shopping, she chooses the book store. We did go to Old Navy and Bath and Body Works, but we weren't there for long. The bookstore was more fun.

Like Mother, Like Daughter...do you see the family resemblance?

We headed to the movies a bit later, planning to see Akeelah and the Bee. Let me tell you, we loved this movie! It was formulaic, but it was so sweet. You cheered for Akeelah, and the other kids. I laughed and cried. Lawrence Fishburne was excellent, and the movie just worked. It needs to be required viewing for every middle schooler in the country. It really is that good. We will probably see it again, and we will definitely buy the DVD.

I really cherished this day. I know days like this are probably numbered. As my daughter gets older, she will start to separate from me, and I will no longer be the person she wants to hang out with. I will enjoy it while it lasts. And next time, I will bring my camera!

T, who hopes these days last a long time

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K said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday I'm sure she'll never forget.

Thanks for popping in over at my blog. ;) You were the only one to recognise Mark Goodman. I thought he was nice. Apparently he was not very well loved. who knew?


Bar Bar A said...


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