Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Huzzah! God Save the Queen!

Last Friday, the entire 6th grade class at my daughter's school put on a Renaissance Faire. Each child was assigned a role, within a few different vignettes. JBug was a woodland faerie, and played an instrument.

This is the parade that started from the assembly hall and made its way to the grassy meadow.

A picture of JBug, in costume

One of the events that the kids participated in was the May Pole Dance. Practices for all events were done weeks in advance.

Can you imagine, 100 sixth graders in costume? There was a live chess game, puppet show, fortune telling booth, the Queen's Court with musicians, a live Shakespearean play and the May Pole Dance. (I don't have pictures of everything because my camera battery was low and by the time I recharged and went back, some of the events were over.

Here are a variety of candids. It was a hot day, thankfully, most of the kids had shade, as well as a steady supply of water.

JBug, with her troupe, playing for Queen Elizabeth. The Queen had just finished banishing Mary, Queen of Scots (and had placed a price on her head!) as well as knighting Sir Francis Drake.

T, who loves the Renaissance

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7 sent chocolate:

Bar Bar A said...

How fun! And what great photos, so colorful! JBug is so cute!!!

Paula said...

Oh, that's awesome! I love RenFaire.

mommy on the verge said...

these are beautiful and so colorful. What a wondeful school your daughter goes to, to have such a fun event!

TLC said...

bar bar a: Thanks, it was fun, and thanks for saying she is cute!

paula: Thanks Paula, I love Ren Faire, too. Now we will have to go to the official Ren Faire in San Bernadino this year, to give the kids an idea of what it really is.

mommy on the verge: Thanks, I took a lot of pictures trying to get some good ones. My daughter does go to a good school, but since she is in the 6th grade, this is her last year. Next year she will be homeschooled rather than going to the large junior high, her choice. But I have loved the artsy school she has attended for the last 3 years.

AislĂ­nge said...

Oh, now, how wonderful is that? As someone who has been working a RenFaire for 20 years, I appreciate the value of seeing this more than most! I hope the kids had a wonderful time and learned heaps from it!

Jbug is adorable. Very much a pixie! All she needs is wings!

Cmommy said...

They will always remember that day! What a creative school!

kathe32 said...

J makes a very sweet Renaissance Faire!

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