Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Field Trip??

Many photos this time...sorry for those with a dial-up connection. Get a real connection...try DSL I know, not available to everyone. Sorry.

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I am not a huge baseball fan, but when my homeschool group scheduled a field trip to the Angels' stadium, I thought the kids would enjoy it. Of course, I took my camera, always thinking of you guys.

The tour is a good deal: $3 for adults and $2 per kid. The tour was almost 2 hours long, so I can't complain. We had access to many places that the public can't see, and it was a great experience.

The Angels changed their team colors from Periwinkle blue to red when Disney bought them in 2001. The official reason for this is that red is a lucky color in China. I am thinking it probably had more to do with wanting to sell merchandise, and marketing research showed people liked red. In any case...

Here we are right outside the stadium. The kids have their hands in the cement impressions of Reggie Jackson. He had some big hands!

This is right inside the Angel's Clubhouse. To the right is the Angel's locker room. To the left, the visitor's locker room. It was much more plush than I expected: carpet on the floor, lots of recliners, tv and stereo.

Ever wonder what an Angel listens to? (click on pic to enlarge) I think this is my favorite picture, because, really, when do you get to see this?

This is on the Club Level.(a friend of mine is in the foreground of the picture) Suites on this level go for $100,000 a year. There is a 2 year waiting list currently. Ever wonder what mortgage companies do with all that money they make? There were no less than three suites belonging to mortgage companies.

The Los Angeles Times logo has been a part of the scoreboard for many years. The logo is blue. In 2001, when owner Arte Moreno wanted to change the logo's color to red to better match the colors of the stadium, LA Times said no. When pressed, the word was, tell you what...you win the Western Division and you can change the color to anything you want.

Notice the color now.

As part of our tour, we actually sat in the dugout. I was a lot more impressed by this than I thought I would be.

This picture was taken on the very top step, inside the dugout. We were at field level.

Here are the kids and one of their friends, sitting on the same top step.

JBean, moonlighting as a reporter

Here's a shot that's not available to everyone. I took this while standing in the press box. Talk about a bird's eye view! Wow.

I snapped these pictures of all the headlines of the Angel's dream season in 2002. They went all the way to clinch the World Series.

I have to say, Moreno, and Disney, who also owns Anaheim Stadium, really does a great job. The tour guides were friendly, told great stories, and really made us feel like they wanted to be there and were glad we were there, too. All in all, my impression of the Angels organization really went up a few notches. And they know which side their bread is buttered on. Right after the tour, JBear really wanted me to buy him an Angels baseball cap. I did. Now he says he loves the Angels, and I would imagine in the near future we will be heading to a game or two.

Finally, as told to us by our guide, Hal: "What is the 2nd verse of the Star-Spangled Banner?"
"Play Ball!"

T, who says, Take me out to the ball game

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Anonymous said...

I am not a baseball fan by any means, but this made me want to take the tour! (Hey - are you working for their marketing dept?)

Is it available to anyone, or just groups?

Bar said...

WOW! This is a familar stadium!!! I have so many great memories of Anaheim Stadium (sorry after living here my whole life that's what I will always call it). Glad your kids had a fun time!!

Shannon said...

Oh, we're baseball fans - my son would LOVE a tour like this. Sounds super.

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