Saturday, May 06, 2006

Clearly I spend too much time here

Overheard at my house:

J3:Can I have a cookie?

Me: yes, ok. (a tad preoccupied)

J3: I'm not tall enough to reach the cupboard.

(yes, I know..muhahaha. That's why the cookies are in that particular cupboard

Me: Well, of course you aren't tall enough, you are 4 not 34. You aren't supposed to be able to reach there yet.

J3:I wish I was 34 so I could have a computer.

Got news for ya, kid. When you are 34 you get a lot more than a computer. And a lot more than you bargained for. Trust me on this one. Now, quit bugging me so I can finish this post. I need to get this done if I am ever going to feed you tonight.

Dinner is tacos. Doesn't that sound yummy?

T, who figures if you wait until you are 34 to get a computer, maybe you might get something done, unlike me

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2 sent chocolate:

Bar Bar A said...

You're a hoot, and you daughter is cute!

Ro - said...

Awww! Another cutie! And heh kids know when to ask for stuff like that... my kids always ask for things when I am preoccupied on the computer.

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