Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Hate Me, Internet

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I like my kids. I know, shoot me, it's not cool, I am supposed to complain and kvetch about them. They are supposed to drive me to distraction. (or to drink Starbucks mochas) And sometimes, they do (and I do). But lately...

MY KIDS ARE FUN! They are really cool little people, with their own thoughts, dreams and ideas. My 4.5 year old tells jokes. Want to hear one? Are you sure? Ok, you asked for it.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get his butt runned over.

Genius, isn't it? She has also been asking me so many questions. You name it, and she asks it. Why? Why? Why? Lemon Pie. It is fun to watch her mind work.

My son, well, they should call it awetism because every time he opens his mouth, I am truly in awe. I wish I could remember all the great things he says, but they are light years from how I think. He is a visual-spatial thinker, like his father. I am not. So he tends to make connections that I haven't even thought about. I am fairly cerebral, love to read and learn, but this kid blows me out of the water. He comes up with analogies out of the blue. I know, now I have your curiousity piqued, and I am not going to deliver because as I write this I can't think of a single thing he has said! I swear, I need to start writing this stuff down. How can I blog it if I can't remember it?

My oldest daughter said something today that came from left field. I have never said this, nor has her father, but it is no secret where our political sympathies lie. Today at the craft store, we walked by a flag and my daughter said:

"It's I pledge allegiance to the flag...not "and to the Republicans for which it stands!"

She's 12! But she is a pretty deep thinker already. A week or so ago, I watched a funny video from You Tube. The guy involved was trying to coax high school girls into signing a petition to end "womens' suffrage.". They were signing! This was supposed to be a School of Excellence! They were clueless! Not my daughter. She said, "Hey, that's voting!" Can't get anything past her.

So I am really loving my kids lately. If you came here for the snark, never fear, probably tomorrow, or if not tomorrow, the next day I will probably want to flee from my house. But I am going to sit here and soak it in, marinate in my childrens' love and respect, and let my heart be tenderized as I catch a small glimpse of who God created them to be. And maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I will remember and I won't snark quite as much.

T, who finds more to like about my kids everyday

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mrsmogul said...

I like the chicken joke...hehe it's cooll you let them say BUTT!

Emily said...

Hiya, found you surfing BE!

Heck, sometimes my kids get me all squishy inside too...I think its ok to be occasionally smitten with them :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like cool kids!

Dawn said...

Ok, I'm not anonymous.....what happened:(

Rachel said...

I was just surfing through BlogExplosion and your post was a cup of cold water. As I started reading it I thought, "This woman should homeschool..." Look at that, you do :). Anyway, keep bragging on your kids... it'll make you all more aware of your blessings.

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

I check your site every day now. I am hooked! I love it that you LOVE your kids. I LOVE mine too!

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

I check your site every day now. I am hooked! I love it that you LOVE your kids. I LOVE mine too!

Bar Bar A said...

I like my kid too! (he drives me insane but in like him). Fun post :)

Anonymous said...

Strange resemblance, that rodent looks like the ones from the Quiznos commercial.
I love your blog!

TLC said...

Mrs. Mogul: it isn't a matter of letting them say butt. Kids say it. I find if I ignore it, they stop. And once in a while for a joke is ok by me.

Emily: thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear you love your kids, too.

Rachel: thanks, glad you liked my post. Hope the water was refreshing and not dumped over your head!

MJBG..:I am glad you enjoy my blog, that's why I do this. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know. Let me know if I am off base in a post or if I get particularly boring...I will try to step it up.

Anon: Thanks. Yes, that was what I liked about the image. "Weeee like da Mooon!"

For anyone else who is wondering what we are nattering about.. check out Rather Good. Warning! Not everything is rated G, but pretty much PG. (beyond the Gay Bar ditty, I guess)

AislĂ­nge said...

I give you a lot of credit and I love the way you write. We probably would not see eye-to-eye in a religious sense. But I don't care and I plan to return to read your blog more. I love what you write about your kids.

I am not a person who understands, appreciates, or likes kids. I like older kids that can hold their own conversation and read a lot and are clearly ahead of most people, but smaller fry are a mystery to me. Even as a kid, I preferred the company of adults. But a parent who can see the intellect in their kids and who clearly loves their kids as you so obviously do, well that is priceless. And no doubt they will drive you to distraction. They all do that, it is the nature of kids to test those limits! But even when they do make you nuts you write them well.

Thank you for such a warm, fuzzy, funny blog!

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