Monday, May 01, 2006

Meet the New Guy!

Everyone say hi to my new renter,Simon, of Two Red Paperclips. He wants to trade you two red paperclips, for two of anything else. You can find his blog on the left, scroll down past my list of posts. He is new to the Blogosphere, and was inspired by Kyle's One Red Paperclip. If Kyle's success is any indication, Simon, I want a villa in Tuscany when this is all over! Remember now, honey, I helped you get started. Go on, now. Internet, don't be shy, go and give Simon some love!

T, who loves Tuscany, and would love to go there

3 sent chocolate:

Get Her Home said...

I would like a lifetime supply of snickers bars. I'm easier to please, I think. And, a poodle. I want one of those too.

Simon said...

Hi T, thanks for the big up. Progress is slow, but I'll keep you in mind when I can afford to buy people villas!

Hi "get her home", in considering your request of a "lifetime" supply of Snickers bars it would to know how old you are now lol... If you're still young and/or live a healthy lifestyle that could cost as much as a villa!! I however, am more of a cat person so any poodles I come upon on my journey are yours!
Good health to ya's ...

TLC said...

Thanks, Simon! I really like Tuscany, by the way. ;)

So, what is up for trade now?

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