Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Apparently, You Can't Count On Me to Rent a Car

My back hurts.

Famous Last Words: "I'll just lie here for a minute..."

Last night, I took my littlest daughter to the bathroom before I went to bed, just like I always do. I picked her up gently and she wrapped her arms around my neck, snuggled her little head that was warm and sweaty and smelling of sleep up against my shoulder. I carried her to the bathroom, and she did her business, and I carried her back. So far, so good. Every night, I put her to bed afterwards, and she settles in to sleep. Last night, was different. Last night, she needed me.

What could I do? I know how uncomfortable her bed is for an adult. We didn't know how uncomfortable it was when we bought it, believe me! (by the way, when IKEA says FIRM on its mattress, you need to believe them) It is like lying on a rock. So I sighed and because I am a Good Mommy, I laid down next to her. Don't get me wrong, I love cuddling her! But I was tired, and my Tempurpedic knock-off mattress pad was really where I wanted to be.

But I laid down, and told myself those famous last words, "I'll only lie here for a minute.." Hours later I woke. It was light out, and I HURT. I was going to die. My lower back hurt badly. I inched my way out of her bed, made my way to mine and collapsed. J was just getting up and I think I mumbled something about what happened.

Snippets also come back to me about some dream I told him about. Something about a rental car and Oklahoma City and having to pick up the car 22 miles from the airport where we landed, and needing to get to a reunion with some people in high school that I couldn't stand. for the record, we have never been to Oklahoma City, I am not sure what the significance of the place was in my dream.

I also have never rented a car that was miles from the airport. Especially since we drove to get there. In the car we had to rent. That was 22 miles away! Such is the nature of dreams, I suppose.

In any case, that's why my back hurts.

T,who swears she can order a rental car without messing it up

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Logtar said...

LOTR is a great movie, but I believe the book is superior and as a film it is not something that I personally want to watch over and over. The godfather I refer to is the re-release, one movie in chronological order, is kind of a director's cut. Thanks for visiting!

Karl said...

Holy schnikies, look at all the stuff in that sidebar! ha. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Most appreciated.

TLC said...

logtar: I can see not wanting to see it over and over again, but the LOTR trilogy is still wonderful.

karl: Wow, I didn't expect you to come by. But would imagine you won't be back. ;) People loved the link and I hope you got some good traffic from it. It really was a brilliant post.

Chris said...

I can't sleep on a soft bed. In fact, I often sleep on the floor when my back hurts and that does wonders for me.

As far as your dream? You are weird...get help (ha ha ha just kidding). Just don't try to rent a car anytime soon:)


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