Thursday, April 06, 2006

We've never met. But I know you. I know your hopes and your dreams. I know your disappointments. I know when you have a bad day, when you get a flat tire on the way to taking your daughter to ballet. I have worried with you when your children are sick. I have cried with joy over breakthroughs in your child's development. We discuss education, fashion, parenting, sex. I laugh at your jokes. Daily I spend time with you. But we have never met. Oh, once or twice while feeling brave we have exchanged brief phone calls. But usually there isn't even that. You are my Imaginary Friends. So called because you exist on the Internet. I know your children the way I know my own. I know their names and their birthdays. I know their strengths and their weaknesses, as you know the same about my family. I turn to you when I need a shoulder to cry on. Or an ear to hear me. We support one another. Yes, I have friends in real life. We have close-knit relationships. I see them often. You are not a substitute for intimacy in my life. Instead, you add a dimension to it. I love knowing that if not for the Internet, we might never have met. We are so different, this group. Certainly, we have things in common. We both have children struggling with the same difficulties, we have the same political views. We like life. But having everything in common doesn't matter as much when I am with you. I can give enough of myself to be genuine, and still hold back what I don't want to share. And so can you. I love spending time with you everyday. I check in on the message board a few times a day. After putting in a load of laundry. While my child takes a break from school. Just before I cook dinner. Once the kids are in bed. I read for news of you, and what you are doing. I love how we managed to knit together a group of women, from all walks of life, with one thing in common: the Internet. You are a living, breathing presence in my house. My family knows of your existence, and has even seen your pictures. My husband asks about you. We exchange cards around the holidays, and often plan to get together sometime. Keep laughing at my jokes, my Imaginary Friends. And even though you don't like hugs, I can't resist. {{{{hugs}}}}

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