Wednesday, April 05, 2006

9 Movies I have seen recently- some good, some not so good

50 First Dates- sweet movie, I loved the premise. I would have fallen in love with Adam Sandler... the end was perfect

Shaolin Soccer- a wonderful, fun, martial arts soccer movie?! Yes, and well worth's funny!

Legend of Zorro- I said before, just ok. Too long, and very implausible (even with suspension of disbelief for the existence of Zorro)

The Wedding Singer-we must have been the only people who hadn't seen this one. But after Spanglish, which I loved, and then 50 First Dates, I decided to take a gamble. I am glad I did. It was fun, and I loved the music. That was when music was music, for sure.

Into the Woods- I am a huge Sondheim fan! I know this show backwards and forwards, it is just about perfect. I love Joanna Gleason as The Baker's Wife. It is just a great play.

The Corpse Bride- Really liked this one. The color pallette was amazing. I loved how dark and repressed the world was and how vivid and bright the Underworld was, in contrast. Done very well, and not too dark, which is always a possibility with Tim Burton directing.

Dodgeball- If you like Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, you will enjoy this movie. Very like Zoolander, and it made me laugh. Cheesy ending, but it was a Hollywood, so what do you expect?

March of the Penguins- a sweet and gentle documentary about my favorite animal, the penguin. What's not to love?

The Wedding Crashers-I wanted to love this. I really did. But, it fell short for me. Something was missing, and I can't put my finger on it. It just didn't mesh right. The story was entertaining, the acting was decent, but afterwards I found myself thinking, ah, it was just ok.

Waiting in the wings:

Fever Pitch

Just Like Heaven

Elizabethtown(I have high hopes for this one, it is a Cameron Crowe film)

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TLC said...

Yes, I know my print is isn't me, it is Blogger. I have no idea why, I spent a long time trying to correct it. Time to find better software, I guess.

Heidi J said...

Oooh, we've never talked about Sondheim before! My high school did Sweeney Todd, and since then I've been meaning to see more of his stuff. Never thought of renting videos! ...Just poking around till Geneva wakes up, not sure how far I'll get. :)

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