Wednesday, April 05, 2006

52 fun facts about Me

I snagged this one from Kim, thought it would be fun. 1. WHAT IS YOUR FIRST NAME? Casa...ok, not really but it is, here. 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My "real" name is after my Granny, no I won't tell you, she doesn't use it, either 3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? 2 weeks ago, when my husband was gone to Europe 4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? somewhat 5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? no lunchmeat here, I eat deli meat. Roast beef is my favorite. 6. KIDS? 3 of them. 7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Yes. In fact, I wish I had a best friend who was like me 8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, both electronic and longhand. 9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Hey now, we call that being witty. 10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? yes 11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? When I am older 12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? McCanns Irish Oatmeal 13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Never, and I hardly ever wear tie shoes 14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? If it doesn't kill you it just makes you stronger. I do consider myself a strong person, but a strong person knows when to ask for help, too. 15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? ice cream? wow, I don't even eat it anymore, but I loved anything Ben & Jerry's that was chocolate. Wait, I had ice cream a couple of months ago at Baskin Robbins, it was Chai Tea, and was heavenly 16. SHOE SIZE? 7 1/2, sometimes 8 (used to be a 7, but the tummy isn't the only thing that grows when pregnant!) 17. RED OR PINK? pink, but more hot pink, magenta 18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I get angry too easily 19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? my SIL who now lives in Oregon 20. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? If they share on their blog, let me know in comments 21. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES YOU ARE WEARING? Low-rise (but Mommy-low, not teenager low) flared jeans and bare feet. 22. LAST THING YOU ATE? Busted! This wonderful trail mix that has almonds, cashews, chocolate chips, peanuts, a little bit of dried fruit. It sat in my car this afternoon and the chocolate melted. It made nice chunks of candy. Yum. 23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? My favorite sound. Silence! (except for the click-click of my typing) 24. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Periwinkle 25. FAVORITE SMELL? right after it rains. For food: coffee brewing 26. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? a mom who needed some breastfeeding advice 27. FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? smile 28. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? I snagged this from Kim 29. FAVORITE DRINK? Easy. Starbucks decaf mocha with whipped cream (Tall or Grande, depending upon when I get it) 30. FAVORITE SPORT? People watching 31. HAIR COLOR? red with a bit of gray poking through 32. EYE COLOR? brown 33. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Nope,I am a hold out and still wear glasses 34. FAVORITE FOOD? Fettucini Alfredo or Salmon 35. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? Happy ending. 36. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Legend of Zorro (yech) 37. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING?light purple velvet 38. SUMMER OR WINTER? I live in Southern Ca...they are not that different..but ok, Summer 39. HUGS OR KISSES? must have both, especially if from my children 40. FAVORITE DESSERT? tiramisu 41. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? I don't know 42. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? I don't know 43. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? How much time do we have?? I always read a few at a time. Cure For the Common Life (Max Lucado) A Field Guide to Homeschooling, She's Come Undone (Wally Lamb) Windows to the Soul, The Truth, With Jokes (Al Franken) 44. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Sun Microsystems, probably a freebie that my computer geek picked up at a convention 45. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? House 46. FAVORITE SOUNDS? rain while in bed, children laughing 47. ROLLING STONE OR BEATLES? Do I have to choose? If you twist my arm, I will say the Beatles 48. THE FURTHEST YOU BEEN FROM HOME? Rehobeth Beach, Delaware 49. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Funny how we all get freaked out to think we might mention we do. Somehow, it sounds full of yourself to say you do anything well. I think I teach well. I can write (though some may beg to differ after reading my blog) I like helping women, giving advice for parenting and such 50. WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN? July 10, San Jose, CA 51. WHAT CONDITION ARE YOUR HANDS AND FEET IN? Hands good, though I bite my nails when stressed. Feet- COLD at the moment, the cat is laying on my blanket and I don't want to displace her 52. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR? As in, complete favorite? That is hard...but for non-fiction, Sally Clarkson, a Christian writer. For fiction, the only contemporary with more than one book that I have read: Wally Lamb. I have very high standards for books. However, Jane Austen is practically perfect in every way. I have read them all.

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