Saturday, April 01, 2006

Some Foolish Thoughts

As if April Fool's Day wasn't funny enough, Think Geek has done it again. Anyone need a wireless extension cord.

Here is a list of all the funny ha ha stuff going on all over the net. Wikipedia, April 1

No funny jokes here this year. I was going to tell J we were expecting again, but the timing was off, and he knew it. Ah, well. I didn't have a lot of creative energy left to do the Fool Thing, I guess.

I suppose in honor of April Fool's Day, I could tell you all how great Ice Age 2 is, but that would be cruel. We went to see it tonight, and it was passable, at best. It tried too hard, and the characters are annoying. The technical aspects of the film were good, though. They have come a long way with computer-generated fur and feathers. It's scary when that is the best you can say about a movie, isn't it? My 12 year old thought it was "lame" and "inappropriate." (there are some crap and butt jokes be the judge). Keep in mind she is a bit conservative about what is appropriate. I hope she stays this way as she gets older. She will be the one minding what I do!

Speaking of another bad movie, we watched Legend of Zorro last night. That's 2 hours I won't get back. It was beyond unbelievable, and really dragged. I also can't stand Catherine Zeta-Jones so that didnt' help, I guess. I just wanted the movie to be over with so I could go to bed. Tonight we will probably watch Clerks, because we want to watch a decent movie. I love Kevin Smith. He is funny, foul-mouthed and just so real. The most fun we have had in a while was when we watched the DVD, An Evening With Kevin Smith. He is a really great story teller, and who doesn't love penis jokes? Highbrow entertainment is nice, and we all love it, but sometimes we have to cut lose with a good penis joke.

T. who says you are never too old to find something funny about a penis

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Heidi J said...

Ever hear the Monty Python Penis song? So hilarious! "Isn't awfully nice to have a penis?..." Worth looking up. :)

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