Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 13- SHOE SHOPPING

13 Shoes That TLC Finds Interesting, But is Too Unadventurous To Wear
(and 3 that she owns)
They say you can tell a lot about a woman by her shoe here are mine..I think I am channeling a Diva:
  1. 1. This Dominatrix!
  2. 2. Isn't this a cute little wedge? It just screams "Bollywood"
  3. 3. I love this suede shoe, but I would break my neck on it (not practical for chasing children)
  4. 4. Everyone needs black shoes. Can never have too many pair!
  5. 5. You can really slink around wearing these
  6. 6. I adore these shoes and would almost wear them
  7. 7. These Betsy Johnson's are soooo cute!
  8. 8. Let's go retro!
  9. 9. These Zinotti shoes are just delicious
  10. 10. Every woman has to have a pair of Cavalli's..take a walk on the Wild Side
  11. 11. I have no idea why, but these are just so cool
  12. 12. A casual shoe by Rebels for your inner-Rock Star- yes, those are silver sequins
  13. 13. These go perfect with the Harley for that Mid-Life Crisis
  1. 1. Keds are more my speed, and I love these
  2. 2. I own two pair of these Phat Farms, because I love tie-dye (one is blue, the other is this one)
  3. 3. Birks are my favorite shoes and these are funky

T, who used to be a Shoe Girl in my younger days, then had children

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T, who used to be a Shoe Girl in my younger days, then had children

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34 sent chocolate:

Mandy said...

I'd definately go for #9 and #11. They are really cool shoes!

Mandy :)

Gabrielle said...

I love the last one the best :)

Lifecruiser said...

Funny list of shoes... I wish I could see photos of you wearing them too :-)

Nikki said...

I'm more of a #12 shoe kind of girl. Always goes for comfort. High heels make my feet cringe ;D


Denise said...

Since I left the work force, I refuse to wear anything with a heel. :)

K T Cat said...

Shoes. Hmm. Yes, well, shoes. Very nice.

(Forgive me, I'm a guy. I really don't understand.)


My TT is up.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

ahh yes #13..I love em...hardly wear anything else in the, how many pair do you own???

Susan said...

I love #3the suede most but i like #6 and #7 as well, great collection!! wow the heels, i could never wear a heel unless i have to *sigh* happy thursday, mine is up!

Natsthename said...

I love those #3 shoes...I must get those for work!!

Fun T13!!

Dariana said...

OMG, I am a shoe FREAK and I would wear EVERYsingle pair. What a superb list! I must go shoe shopping NOW!

Carmen said...

I like number 11, but if I wore any of those, I'd kill myself! At the very least, break an ankle.

My list is up

One Scrappy Gal said...

I normally hate shoe shopping so your list will help me!! :)

Faith said...

cute list! I loove shoes!

Thanks for visiting my T13.

Angel said...

I WISH I could wear heels--those are some cute shoes! I'm cursed with bad ankles though LOL.

BTW HI Tina! What a small world (or blogosphere)! Hope you and the kids are doing well :)

The Shrone said...

Most of those shoes scare me! I wear flats and only flats.

Anonymous said...

I'll take 2 number 3's in a size 9, thank you!

I'm too tall to wear tall heels. Plus, I would fall down. :)

Kim said...

I'm thinking that you love heels! I'll admit that some of those shoes scare me ;) I'm more of a casual shoe gal...those Phat Farm runners are cute!

ivoryfrog said...

what a great idea for a T13!

Before the kids I used to have a lot of what I call fancy shoes but now I have trainers/casual shoes. I love numbers 2, 3 and 6! Beautiful. :-)

Thanks for visiting
Happy Thursday!
Ivoryfrog x

Undercover Angel said...

What a great list! I love shoes. My TT is up.

me2 said...

that's a unique list :)
maybe I'll borrow your idea for my next TT... may I :)
have a great day

twiga92 said...

Wow! Interesting!

Dorothy said...

I love your taste in shoes. Considering #1 for the BH, he's been a good boy.

TLC said...

Thanks, everyone!

Funny thing is, I don't wear heels anymore, except to J's business holiday party or an occasional wedding. But I still do love them. I own exactly one pair of mid-height sensible heels. Doesn't stop me from lusting after the sexy shoes, though.

Scone said...

Oh nice. I used to be a Shoe Girl before I had kids, too. (Where did my arches go?!?) Still keep a few around for old times' sake, but I've donated most of my lovely pointy things to those who can wear them.

Scone, who used to be cool

Suzy said...

I LOVE #3. But I could never wear them. My hubby is short. He'd be pissed.

YankeeAmanda said...

Those are some wild birks! I love them!

my 13 is up.

Moogie said...

I'm thinking the tennis shoes or the birks would be the best bet for me. I swear I would probably break something if I tried the others. Thanks for stopping by!

astrocoz said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I would so wear #12! They look too fun...and yes, clear channel is evil!

Heather said...

I Love #1!!! But don't tell my hubby...

Jen said...

Those do look like fun shoes! But, you're right, not really mommy shoes.

These are the shoes I live in!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Angie said...

Some VERY interesting shoes, but I don't do heels. :)

The Red Queen said...

I love the birks myself although these days I am wearing Keen. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Be blessed.

Shash said...

OMG!!! A 13 about shoes!!!! You are a girl after my own heart!!!

My 11 yr old son has AS too. I'd love to talk to another mom about her experiences. keep in touch, ok??

I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Have a great day!


tracifish said...

Thank you! This is one of the most interesting TTs I have seen! Great shoes!...especially 1 and 2.

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