Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've Got...Two Tickets to Paradise

Well, ok, virtual paradise, in any case.

Since I can't afford to go anywhere for Spring Break this year, I treated myself to a virtual vacation. It occured to me that others might be facing the same thing. So I present you with:

Scott Stulberg Photography Mere words fail me...you have to see this site. It is mostly Southeast Asia, but there is a category he calls "Serendipity" that defies labels. It is a multimedia feast for your soul. Call it, your moment of Zen.

Also, if you have always wanted to see British Columbia, The Yukon & Alaska, visit Distant Horizons

These sites will relax you, make you feel, and are just the best the web has to offer. And you don't even have to book a plane ticket.

Your turn. Where would you like to go if money were no object?

*Neither of the photos are from the sites above...I just like images in my posts. The photos from the sites mentioned are even better than the ones I used.

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