Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter (because no man- or woman- is an island)

I am so tired of holidays. I mean, didn't we just finish Christmas, and New Year's? I am ready to be done. But no, here comes Easter. And with it, comes the pressure of Easter baskets, eggs and lots of candy. Well, this year I decided that the obligatory stuffed animal for Easter needs to be twisted. So I am thinking of getting these cute little things for my kids. Look at the eyes on this cuddly E. Coli. Doesn't he beg to be loved?

What kid wouldn't adore this huggable Salmonella with the sweet pink flagella?

I fell in love with this sweet orange Athlete's Foot microbe. He looks like a messed up starfish. Doesn't he just beg for a new home?

They even have The Pox and Syphillis, but those are better left for adults.

Though the cute little Bed Bug might be just what your child is crying out for. This little guy doesn't look capable of biting anyone!

If you like these, order them from Giant Microbes.

I suppose chocolate is a no brainer. As a kid, I would eat the bottom from my rabbit first, because I felt bad for eating his ears. Fast forward a few years and now I eat the cake before the frosting. I guess I started early.

Of course, no Easter basket is complete without Peeps I personally cannot stand them, and think this is a better use for them. There's nothing like traumatizing your kids by blowing up cute little marshmallow animals. We'll call it homeschool! We'll call it science!

I think my absolute favorite Easter present from my parents one year was a delicate etched silver cross, on a box chain. I still have it in my jewelry box. I think I was about my daughter's age when I received it.

So, your turn. What is the best Easter present you remember?

And Peeps? Or no Peeps?

After this post, I feel like I have to go and wash my hands!

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Bonnie said...

Peeps are nasty! But I would love a stuffed microbe.

Deana said...

Peeps are only good when stale. But the microbes. Love 'em. Perhaps I can get some to represent the Passover plagues...

Kimberly said...

Dad loves peeps, I used to but then I grew up...
As for holidays... My family has learned to schedule holidays around our schedules... So if I am flying for thanksgiving we will have it in the beginning of december... If I am working November and December with no time to go home to CA then we have a Thanksgiving/Christmas do-over sometime around my birthday in February... this year I managed to get home for both Christmas and Thanksgiving and we did New Years over the phone. My birthday however I didn't make it home so we are doing that in May.

We call it "Creative Holiday Scheduling" aka "Thinking way outside the box".

Anonymous said...
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TLC said...

the above comment was Spam. I deleted it.

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