Sunday, April 16, 2006

Peeping in for a minute

Easter is over and done, and tomorrow I will post some pictures of the family celebration, but for now try this instead. Some woman put a Peep up for auction on ebay. Would you believe she sold it for $90?? Can you imagine?

I thought her approach was very clever. And it worked! People bid. And spent a lot of money! Talk about gullible! So, do you have some earwax in the shape of Saint Francis of Assisi? List it on ebay!

I wouldn't think to do this because I don't like to take advantage of peoples' stupidity. And it just seems to me that it would be separating a fool and his money. Narrowly cheating people keeps me up at night; even just the thought of doing it. Besides, I wouldn't wish that reform school chick on anyone.

Ok, I am done talking now. Your turn. What's the weirdest article you have seen on ebay?

2 sent chocolate:

Dorothy said...

I'd have to say the guy selling his ex's wedding dress. He sold it for nearly 30K because he took a picture of him wearing it.

The house where "A Christmas Story" was filmed was also listed there.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll drop by now and then.

TLC said...

I remember that guy! He was great. Very, very funny.

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