Monday, April 17, 2006

The Cat Broke My Internet

Someone broke you, Oh Internet. It wasn't me. I was sitting here, minding my own business, trying to entertain you with my latest post about my less-than-perfect family, while I blog-surfed (because I can be multi-tasking here, in the blogosphere) when that dreaded message came up. "SERVER NOT FOUND." ack. And now I am stuck in my computer. I can't get out to visit anyone else's places and I am stuck here forever, just typing. And typing. And you, dear reader, are stuck reading, and hoping that I will write something of import since you have to keep reading and reading. See? You really are stuck.

It's amazing what I will do to get out of cleaning house. I have dishes to do, stray toys to pick up off the living room floor (yes I know my kids should do it, but today I am too tired to play Enforcer) but here I sit, with you, O Internet, writing about something...anything, so that I can procrastinate just a bit more.

Doesn't help that I feel rotten today. There isn't much wrong with me. I have no fever, just a headache and a stuffy nose and general achiness and malaise. In fact, there really isn't enough wrong with me to justify being sick. But I am sick. It' s not like I can go back to bed And it is early afternoon.

Lunch today was gluten-free sausage for my son and peanut butter and jelly for my daughter. And of course, being four, she didnt' take one bite, even though it is her "favorite." As I said, I don't have much energy today. I just smiled and shook my head. She'll eat when she is hungry. Couldn't have been those jelly beans and the marshmallow chicks she ate earlier, could it? Every year I say no more candy and every year we buy too much, anyway. But really, did you have high expectations for someone whose blog is named after the sweet stuff?

We didn't really buy that much this year. Mostly the candy was in the eggs the kids found. But of course, the Peeps are an obligatory presence in any Easter basket. Must have those little pink, blue, yellow and lavender chicks. None for me thanks, I find them disgusting. Cute. But disgusting. A little bit of chocolate, milk chocolate bunnies for my daughters, dark chocolate bunny for my son. GFCF, of course. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Which brings us back to you again, Oh Internet. And how you are broken. But you will be fixed, or I can't post this. So I would imagine later today as I post this, you will be back to your wonderful, friendly and magnanimous self. And we will skip off into the sunset, together.

Come to find out that this was the culprit:

It is warm next to the back of the computer, and said culprit allegedly laid down on the cord, popping the cord out just enough to disturb my network connection.

2 sent chocolate:

Tami said...

This blog is adorable and so is the cat. Visit my blog if you have a chance at

mrsmogul said...

When the Internet breaks down, I fall apart...I feel so vulnerable. LOL what an addiction!

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