Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Came To Read #20 and All You Get is Lolcats??

SPECIAL 20th Thursday Thirteen...with 20 Items!

13 LOLCats my kids like (and one I do)

  • close is the caption? cat
  • 2.after I pass Geometry I'll be a genius cat
  • 3. does it taste like chicken? cat
  • 4. Maybe FF3 will be better? cat
  • 5. it was a nice couch cat
  • 6. better adjust the settings on that monitor cat
  • 7.nom nom nom nom cat
  • 8. when ya gotta go... kitten
  • 9. so that's what happens! cat
  • 10. I was wondering where that was, but was too lazy to track it cat
  • 11. come on now, admit it, you squuueed cat
  • 12. another "squeee!" cat
  • 13. my cat rides the same place kitty
  • 14. truth in advertising kitty

  • 15. oh hunnee...there's something in the drain... cat

  • 16. Gotta watch out for those dingos kitty

  • 17. comfiest seat in the house cats

  • 18. I think its brother is still there humorous pictures

  • 19. that's how it always starts humorous pictures

  • 20. THIS is my favorite.. it doesn't look that evil... animal

  • Didn't get enough? more cat pictures

    T, who can't help it, finds these funnee

    7 sent chocolate:

    Picturing of Life said... have lots of cat shots :D great shots for all of them

    My T13 in here Thanks

    Hootin' Anni said...

    LOL...#s 5 and 8 I like best.

    My 13 is posted, come join me?
    Happy Thursday.

    Carol said...

    How fun! Great T-13!

    The Meowers from Missouri said...

    LOVE those lolcats; thought we'd seen 'em all, but nope--some new ones here. thanks for sharing!!

    THE ZOO said...

    hahahaha those was cute and very funny.

    TLC said...

    Thanks everyone, for the nice comments! I thought the cats would be a nice change of pace. Thank you for visiting my T13.


    Toni said...

    Great list. Great way for me to start the morning with a smile.

    16 and 17 my faves!!!!

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