Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Finds

Think Before You Blog
Linking you to all the best content I can find on the web for the past week

Gena from Out on the Stoop shares some thoughts on education, technology and 21st Century Literacy. This really isn't to be missed. I loved what she had to say, and the videos she posted are wonderful.

Lotta at Momomatic shares how a certain supplement improved her son. Do you see your child in these symptoms?

Erin, aka Queen of Spain gives us a great piece over at the Huffington Post on the lack of accountability and the changing face of journalism.

Sociological Images has some great videos about male masculinity, including how to give an acceptable man hug.(Don't we just need to know??)

Over at 15 Minute Lunch, we get a picture worth a thousand words. (or at least a glass of lemonade)

For Joss Whedon fans, Miss Zoot gives us a sneak peek at his new online project...looks pretty funny.

A Girl and a Boy are expecting a... well, go see for yourself.

And this week's Favrd tweets, because you know you are just as twitterpated as I am...

And that's it around the Blogosphere...

So, what'd I miss? Shout it out in comments, I'll check it out

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