Friday, June 20, 2008

Calling all Type-A Moms, You Know Who You Are!

Are you a Type A Mom? Do you try to do too much? Do you need help? We all do. My twitter-friend Kelby runs this great site, type-a mom where moms connect with moms and write articles based upon where they are in life. Some great information is housed there. I wrote one on what else? autism and what parents new to autism can do right now without a ton of training. I will be writing about once a week, so check it out if you can. And...guess what? You can write there, too! If you do, send me your article and I will link you. I just love connecting mom writers with one another!

T, who wants to help

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mommastantrum said...

This was a great article. If I hadn't read it so late, and had been logged in I would have let you know that there. Next time I will be more on my game...maybe.

wrongshoes said...

Just read your article there and it was quite good. I especially like the part about how there are many reasons a child with autism won't follow instructions.

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