Sunday, June 15, 2008

I can't HEAR you!

If I haven't updated it is because I have been dealing with Apple Tech Support. We bought JBug a MacBook for graduation, and literally 6DAYS later, the sound is wonky. There is no external sound coming out the speakers at all, but the headphones work. When the headphones were taken out, the computer thought that external speakers were working, we just weren't getting any sound. So I tried some stuff and checked more stuff online some stuff about internal input and that wasn't my problem exactly and then called tech support. So after hours online, PRU reset, PRAM reset and an reinstall OS w/ preserve settings, it is decided by me and tech support: return the thing. (after going through three techs) So frustrating. Today after church, I braved the Apple Store they are very busy on weekends I talked to a really nice Assistant Manager and they exchanged the computer. I love Apple again, I guess. Haven't opened the new one yet to see if everything is ok, but I see no reason why it wouldn't be. After all the tech fixes we tried, I figure I lost about 5 hours to this problem...and that is time I should have been blogging. if I haven't updated, at least now you know why, right?

T, who hates dealing with tech support

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Val said...

How frustrating! I'm glad it all got worked out :)

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