Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exactly the Way a Brick...Doesn't

Spider = 0
Spider-Killing Brick = 2

I guess the evil Black Widow that I offed called in her cousin. I was in the house when I heard JBear call, "Mommmmmmma!" I know that note of alarm well, and he only uses it if something is really wrong. I rushed out the door and he was sitting on the porch, eyes as wide as saucers. With a shaking finger he pointed, "Mama, there's a black widow right by the door. Sure enough, there was the relative of the Widow I murdered, and she seemed pretty calm. Ok, I already proved I am a bad ass. I will let my huband deal with it. (Plus, if I can walk up to a spider, no worries. But if I have to walk by a venomous evil thing, that's harder.) was at ankle level, so hard to see. I chickened out. So I called J and told him it was his turn. He grabbed the Method cleaner that I use greener, don't you know and sprayed it. I told him it wouldn't do anything, since it was natural. Apparently, I was wrong, it seems to be the Method for Stunning Spiders, so I wouldn't advise that you bathe in it, or drink it. It stunned her enough that he was able to crush her with the brick.

If you want to see pictures, click for more..I am not going to post them on the front page. I will say if one more shows up, I will be calling the exterminator!

T,who really, really doesn't like those spiders

3 sent chocolate:

Anonymous said...

Yikes...i am so afraid of spiders! hope u don't find any more of those...i only had one black widow once in my old house...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I sooo shouldn't have seen the other pictures, considering I'm terrified of spiders. I know, stupid me, but hey, it's a Monday - my brain's still on deep fry.

Toni said...

ugghhh!!! I don't like spiders! Especially those that can do harm. Good luck.

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