Thursday, June 19, 2008

Say WHAT?? Misheard Parenting #1

Talking to JBean tonight as I was tucking her in before bed:

JBean: "How come JBug and I don't have a volcano?"
Me: (really just trying to get her into bed and only half-brain engaged) er...I don't know, because lava would get everywhere and you have a hard enough time keeping your room clean, I guess.
JBean: What? Not VOLCANO. DOOR HANGER. Like JBear has on his door. Mama, that's just silly, lava would kill us!
Me: Oh! DOOR HANGER. I was wondering what was up with that, it was a weird question. We'll get you a door hanger this weekend, if you want one.
JBean: Yeah, we won't get a volcano!

T, who needs to learn to listen better

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Toni said...

I am trying hard to make door hanger sound like volcano! Funny story!!!

TLC said...

toni: it's easy: volcanah...dah hangha. See?

To Think is to Create said...

Ha--that happens to me a lot, too. :) Last night I said "I love you" and he kept saying "go where?". I was trying to figure out what he was hearing...

Val said...

Too funny! I love you you answer it all seriously. LOL

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