Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Other News...DUH!

It was with cheering and applause that I read this headline today. I can't say I am surprised. I live in Southern California, and there are way too many of these hulking behemoths being driven by selfish, gas-guzzling consumers. They are a status symbol here. And apparently if the truck is large enough, you can write it off if used for business. No wonder we see so many here with logos emblazoned all over the windows. That's certainly one way to avoid the luxury tax. I have hated Hummers since before gas was $4 a gallon. I actually love a certain site, one I cannot promote here, because they drop the F-bomb, and I am going for a semi-family friendly site, here myself. But I digress.

In the beginning, the only consumers of the Hummer that I saw were small-minded men who were trying to er, overcompensate for some weakness. But as time went on, I saw women driving them. It warmed the cockles of my heart to get behind one in traffic, as she cut others off, and yakked on the phone.

But perhaps I am not being fair. Maybe not everyone who buys a gas-guzzling monster of a truck that costs more than my mortgage to fill up and gets 3 mpg is a selfish prig who is bent upon destroying the environment. They just look like it.

According to GM, they are closing factories and rethinking their line:

Wagoner said the change in the U.S. market to smaller vehicles likely is permanent. “We at GM don’t think this is a spike or a temporary shift,” Wagoner said.

Gee, could it be that people don't like getting a personal loan to fill up the gas tank?

So long, Hummer whose double-entendre meaning was always disgusting and beyond obvious I can't say that I will miss you. Maybe GM will see the writing on the wall and actually make an affordable hybrid vehicle that holds more than two people.

T, who is sorry for the people affected and jobs lost, but GOOD RIDDANCE to that monstrosity

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4 sent chocolate:

Val said...

I'm also sorry to see jobs going, but I am SO very happy to see the last of those awful vehicles.

TLC said...

Val: yes, they were (are?) a low point in the evolution of society, for certain.

MsHellfire said...

I hope that Hummers are actually one of the casualties of the great gas wars of 2008.

Maybe those that lose their jobs can be hired back when GMC decides it can make money HELPING the planet instead of pooping on it.

TLC said...

mshellfire: I completely agree. I feel like there needs to be some legislation to "help" car companies do the right thing.

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