Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Guess I'll Have To Pack My Own Lunch

There has been a lot of fluffle about the Subway Contest that is excluding homeschoolers. I say,"What's the big deal?" It's their contest, they can decide who enters and who doesn't. Besides, judging from the typos and their proof-reading skills over on their site, they aren't exactly smart cookies, anyway. "bastket" is what part of speech in the English language?

The funny thing is, someone was just not thinking. Honestly, who was in charge of their public relations? Who thought it was a good idea to piss off 2,000,000 of their key consumers? Two million women and families with kids who are busy and eat quick food have effectively been told they don't count. And we would spend money there after this, why?

Supposedly, Subway is apologizing to homeschoolers, and claims they will have a contest just for them. But I can say I don't want to be singled-out. I want to be included, just like everyone else. Subway, in their actions, has effectively said that homeschoolers aren't schooling. Even though, in CA, we are recognized as our own private school at least we were until the asinine ruling came out that has since been remanded back to the lower court for review Once again, we are after-thoughts... treated like second-class citizens again.

Honestly, I don't care much.

I have never been a fan of Subway. But I can't get behind a boycott for something so minor. Will I choose not to eat there? Maybe, but it isn't much of a hardship. I also don't buy from Wal*Mart (because they are evil) but I don't think Wally much cares. He continues to decimate small business, import Chinese crap and bust unions.

If I boycott, I do it seriously. I do it because companies kill babies. I have been boycotting Nestle now for over ten years. So I don't buy L'Oreal (which I love) Breyer's, Friskies, or even Arrowhead water, even though I love it. The cause was enough for me to give up those things. I also won't buy gas at Exxon-Mobil for this reason and the fact that they didn't take responsibility for the mess they made. If I think you are evil, I won't buy from you. I vote with my dollars, and always will.

But as far as Subway being "evil"? Stupid, maybe, in need a new p.r. campaign, probably. Definitely they are short-sighted. But I just can't get my knickers in a twist over it. And they make horrible sandwiches. We much prefer Quizno's.

T, who eats better-tasting sandwiches made at home, anyway

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