Monday, June 02, 2008

In Which He Shows His True Colors

Picture this...I am on my Macbook Pro, on the couch. He is on his MacBook Pro in his chair. He has his noise-canceling headphones in. I have my high-end in-ear phones that I use. Two separate iTunes. Every once in a while, one will get the other's attention with a wave, then say something. (we often IM, but when he is dialed into his work computer, he can't IM)

I mention what I am listening to: Panic at the Disco, The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage. I love their song titles, they crack me up.

And he says, "In answer to that, I am listening to: Foo Fighters." "What song," I ask, knowing that Foo Fighters is like the anti-emo. His answer: Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup is Running) Perfect complement, as usual. And by complement I mean the opposite colors on the color wheel, of course.

Amazing we are married as different as we can be sometimes.

T, who may be a closet-emo

2 sent chocolate:

Toni said...

Funny stuff. And just because you may not use it, knowing how to do something is good. :)

Val said...

too funny!!
I love Panic's song titles too :D

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