Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Have a Special Job For You

Type-a Mom is looking for a few good moms, and you are one of them! Do you like to write? Do you know a little something about parenting? Special needs kids? Preschoolers? Crafts? Massage? Then type-a mom wants you! They are currently looking for mom writers in all areas to write articles for the site.

We especially need moms who are adept (or just pretend to be, like me) in special needs parenting! I need some help with material over there, readers! I would love to have you join me. So if you have kids with autism, adhd, hearing-impaired or other different-abilities, high-tail it over to type-a mom. And tell them TLC sent you! I would love to see a well-rounded category representing special needs.

I have my newest article running right now on transitioning to theGFCF diet and remaining sane (yes it is possible!) Go read it and give me feedback. I am writing for you, tell me what you want.

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T, who would love to see more people over there writing

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