Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I Learned at BlogHer '08 #1

I have been trying to make sense of everything I learned at Blogher08. And while some things will take some time to marinate, here are the simple things.

  • You must give people a chance, don't assume you won't fit in. I met a lot of amazing women this weekend. A few will be lifelong friends.
  • Shoe porn is great for parties, but seriously wrong for schlepping the hills of San Francisco
  • Don't, upon pain of death, eat at the Denny's on Mission in San Francisco, unless you want to miss an entire half-day after throwing up from food poisoning.
  • no matter how "low on the totem pole" you think you are, there are still people who may look up to you
  • Don't believe everything you are told. Especially from guys who are full of crap.
  • Maybe you aren't as tech stupid as you think
  • If you walk back to the hotel at 4 a.m. be prepared to be serenaded by a homeless guy doing Ray Charles
  • At 4:30 a.m. they deliver the USA Today at the St. Francis. It may be hanging on your door when you get in.
  • Even if you get in at 4:30, you hang a shirt over the clock radio, and pretend it is midnight
  • It will almost work
  • If you want the free booze, make a decision early as to what party you will attend. Otherwise, be prepared to BYOB
  • The real party is happening in the bathroom. Without you.
  • If you want the good swag, get there early.(see above about Denny's..then you might get the really expensive bluetooth headset instead of hanging your head over the toilet)
  • Ask for a room with contemporary furniture. They will put you in the tower. The tower has double-paned windows.
  • Double-paned windows will come in handy when some drunk fool starts yelling, "ADRIAN!" at 4 in the morning
  • They will also come in handy when the entire male population of San Francisco sings Mama Mia at around the same time. Opening night, you know
  • Memorize the location of your room. Do not rely on the signs in the hall. This tip comes in handy after some jackass moves all the signs around to point the wrong direction
  • It is impossible to converse with bass thumping in your head
  • No matter how small your blog is, you make a contribution to the Blogosphere
  • Blogging Rockstars are just like everyone else. Only with more traffic. And maybe more problems. And varying degrees of friendliness.
  • No matter how long the conference is, it isn't long enough

How about you, what did you learn?

T, who misses it, and is already planning for next year

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califmom said...

I love it! You captured it perfectly, which totally saves me from having to summarize it myself. BTW, I read about someone else getting food poisoning and missing ALL of Saturday...no mention of Denny's, though. I wonder if it was hotel food.

Gayle said...

Holy hell that was funny especially the one about the jackass who moved the signs. First of all, I'm pretty sure I've stumbled in somewhere and found it funny to move signs. And I'm pretty sure I've followed moved signs. Glad to hear you had a great time. Your humor is too much! :) (I had never heard of this BlogHer thing, but I'll have to read up on it...I'm reading a lot of stories that sound so fun!)

Amanda said...

I learned I am a chicken shit. If I hadn't the ten week old strapped to my chest and inviting ice-breaking, "Aw isn't she cutes" I'd've been mute the whole weekend.

jennster said...

i learned (again) that you will NEVER have enough time to see and spend with those you really want too. you won't even get to meet everyone you want too. and when you do, you'll feel like you're attention is in so many directions, one on hand you're fulfilled, but on the other, you'll never be fulfilled. make any sense?

Anonymous said...

You totally forgot:
If you sit in the lobby-bar long enough with some really dear new friends, you will see everything - even the lady with the life-preserver! :)


I LOVED our BlogHer this year. Next year, we'll steal @califmom's wicked tower suite instead of camping out in alley-ville!! ;)

Lara said...

also no eating at lori's diner. also because of food poisoning. LAME, i say.

Backpacking Dad said...

I wasn't totally full of crap. :}

Me said...

What did I learn? That I REALLY have to go to BlogHer DC since I missed the SF throwdown, AND that I perhaps need to start saving up for the big show next year...

califmom said...

I learned that if you stay in the lobby late enough, you will whip out your belly flab, demonstrate its ability to sing and blow kisses. SMOOCHES!

I also learned that you can tell people your room seems like it might be bigger than there's, but until they see it, they won't believe it. I will never divulge who I blew to get that room.

Summer said...

Sounds like quite the lessons. :)

Maddy said...

Steep learning curve! Only 40 minutes away from where I am, but might as well be a million miles. Glad to hear you had a blast.

Lawyer Mama said...

Yeah, I had the sign issue too. The first time I thought I was just really drunk. The second time I thought I must be a moron. The third time I figured out someone was an asshole. (-;

TLC said...

califmom: am totally going to blow front desk guy for better room next year. Probably going to be a different hotel and we will start all over again.

gayle: it took me a bit with the signs, so yeah. It was a hard hotel to navigate even without the sign prankage.

amanda: I won't let you be all mute next year, I WILL FIND YOU.

jennster: I will totally meet you next year, and yes, I know what you mean about not feelng like you meet everyone or get to spend quality time with them.

GeekMommy: I forgot the Shiny, Happy People and Batman, too...

Lara: will remember, in addition to not eating at Denny's, don't eat at Lori's Diner, either.

backpackingdad: next year, bring your wife. We get the added bonus of meeting her, and she can keep your butt out of trouble!

me: next year, I will sell a kidney to get to BlogHer '09. Haven't figured out '10, yet...

califmom: your talented belly flab stole the show!

summer: next year you have to go!

lawyer mama: at first I thought I was imagining the sign thing. But I quickly figured out the game. Lame if you ask me to have the signs loose on the ground!

the weirdgirl said...

You got sick? You poor thing! I didn't know that happened.

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