Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Are You Wishing For?

Have you been to Wishpot, yet? It is a great site. Imagine a place where you can add all the things your little heart desires. That's Wishpot. I know there are other sites, but this one, you can shop anywhere and keep a running list of what you want. There is even a toolbar that you download and add to your browser. Pretty simple.

And today, the Baby Registry opened! Now, new mommas can find everything they need on one site. There are even "experts" that can help. Each expert has her own niche. Disclaimer: I am also an expert, but this is NOT a sponsored post. I don't write those. My opinions are never bought and paid for. I am blogging this because I really believe in the site. So you can trust what I say. My specialty is Crunchy Momma. I love all things cloth diapering, natural and organic. Come check out my list page. I currently have three lists running: Things a New Momma Can't Be Without, Oh, How Fun, and Momma's Down Time.

If you stop by, make sure to leave a comment or a message for me!

p.s. it is Jessica's birthday today...make sure to say Happy Birthday to her at Twitter: @JessicaKnows.

Happy Wishing!

T, who loves to help new mommas

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