Friday, July 25, 2008

Now You Know Why I Drink Decaf

actually, I am slightly manic, it's why I don't sleep...

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

I am a HUGE Starbucks fan.. grande decaf mocha w/ chocolate whipped cream, that's my poison

How about you? Do you drink caffeine? What's your favorite drink?

T, who is up too late because of too much caffeine

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Trish said...

No coffee for me - I'm a Mountain Dew girl all the way. Whenever people give me a hard time about drinking it in the morning, I just tell them I take my caffeine cold and with lots of sugar!!

Very fun - I am going to post mine later today. :)

Sarcasta-Mom said...

I'm a total coffee queen. I'm a big fan of flavored coffee, and the ever fabulous mocha, combining coffee and chocolate goodness :)

ThatGirl said...

hate starbucks -- too much extra stuff in there.

just grind my own beans, add splenda and coffeemate (vanilla).

oh, to the tune of FOUR CUPS. each morning.

Mary Beth said...

No coffee for me although I'm one of two in my family who abstains. I prefer my caffeine to come from Diet Coke which is my drug of choice. Every now and then my mother finds an article that details how Diet Coke rots your brain but I'll take my chances:)

Funny though, one of my favorite smells is coffee.

TLC said...

I used to drink Mountain Dew in school. Switched to Pepsi.

Coffee and chocolate syrup, what's not to LOVE??

Ken Armstrong said...

I just have a big cup of whatever they happen to be brewing when I call. No cream, milk, sugar, sprinkles, gnomes, hobbits or anything.

Just black.


Maddy said...

Caffeine by the vat load, thick and black and crunchy!

cajunvegan said...

Dark French roast is my poison. And, there will nevah be decaf for me; I will sleep when I am dead.

I am stealing this idea (with credit to you of course).

BTW, my nephew was diagnosed with Asperger's this week.

TLC said...

I want to know why coffee smells so much better than it tastes. The smell of coffee is just wonderful. Forget pumpkin pie, I think the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee is a bigger aphrodisiac.

I am pretty sure I prefer my coffee without hobbits. No gnomes, either. But sprinkles, especially chocolate ones are ok.

How do you have crunchy coffee? Grounds are getting in the pot..yer doin' it wrong

And cajunvegan, love that you want to use the idea. If you need any help w/ the Asperger's thing, I am here.


Christa Dahlstrom said...

Even my usual double-strength cup of Peet's (Bay Area favorite) at 4 in the afternoon doesn't keep me from nodding off at 10 p.m.!

Great to meet you a BlogHer in San Francisco!

thislittlepiggy said...

Caffeine-free, diet Pepsi drinker here! Not by choice but by necessity. LOVE me a good mug of decaf joe too!

My daughter, Sweetums, is dx Sotos and is possibly an Aspie as well.

We are also homeschooling. :o)

Meandered over from Maddy's.

Glad I did!

Amber said...

I don't drink coffee or have caffeine. It's a good thing, too because I'm one of the annoying ones who is perpetually hyper. :-)

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Apparently I need to cut back on my quad tall nonfat extra dry cappuccinos. My results of that test "Near Death, with delusions of Godlike Powers" that is pretty amazingly accurate. Very scary to see in black and white though.

TLC said...

Christa: I have heard of Peet's, my dh's office used to stock it. Decent coffee

thislittlepiggy: welcome to another decaf drinker! If you need any info on Asperger's and can't find what you want, let me know. I am the Asperger Aggregator. (I just made that up, but impressive, no?)

Amber: are you hyper in the morning? Because I am pretty sure I might have to kill you. Or at least, run away fast. Nighttime no problem, but mourning sounds the way it is spelled for a reason.

Mrs. T: I bow to your godlike powers. Was that seriously your result? Because that is hella-impressive and tweet-worthy. The world is not ready for your superpowers.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Way too much coffee...particularly when on the computer...which was a few hours ago...and now it is 2 am and I cannot sleep...when will I learn??

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