Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Day of Blogher: Pace Yourself!

Weird thing about a blogging convention: you don't have time to blog it! So, I will tide you over with some pics for now. Promise I will put more content when there is time!

self-portrait of T. on a jet plane Remind me to tell you about the bitch from hell I sat next to. One word: entitled rich bitch ok that was three words.... (couldn't be that rich, she was flying coach)
Riding the Bart into San Francisco. Very cool, awesome train
heading to the AllTop/Kirtsy party with @To Think, @GeekMommy, @blogworld (Rick), @Tarable and @pagirly
@GuyKawasaki's house, his back yard was bigger than my whole house
More of Guy's backyard: How the Pretty People live
still more of Guy's yard, you haven't even seen the pool! unfortunately my camera battery died..

Blogher is awesome, will post more in another post, so this one isn't so load heavy

T, who is still trying to absorb it all

1 sent chocolate:

Sally Walker said...

Looks amazing! I am so grateful for the pics too so thank you for posting them!

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