Thursday, July 24, 2008

Constant Comment...and so on....

There were so many comments from the last post, that I decided to address them in a post, to make sure to hit all of them.. Thank you all for commenting, you make this blog what it is.

heather: yes, exactly. There are times I will write a post that I think is important, and it will barely get any feedback. I don't think that means no one is reading. Unless you are a Celebrity Rock Star Blogger (CRSB), less than 3% of those who read actually comment. And then, the CRSBs often get comments so others can show off their own links or just be seen.


GeekMommy: yes, we did talk about this in the wee hours of the helped me put my feelings into words, and I thank you for it. ::mwah!::.

Thomas Dzomba: Yes, comments are only a part of the picture, but without them, it feels like playing Concentration and forgetting where the pairs are located. Or is it just me?.

Mel: thanks, and I like to read you, too!.

Elizabeth Channel: yes, I agree you cannot depend upon comments for self-worth. Write for yourself, first. I think that comes across in your content..

Loralee: funny on perspective, because I think a lot of bloggers would consider you as such..

Jody Reale: very good point, wherever you are, that's where you are supposed to be?.

Kate: I think it is hard to get off the "comments as currency" bandwagon, just due to the way the Blogosphere is set up. It's easy to say, much harder to do..

Gayle: thanks for the chocolate, and I agree with you about the overuse of advertisements. They can be distracting.

tarable: I agree, I also couldn't care less what the boys think. And, I'll sit at whatever table I please. Blogher was less like high school than I had been expecting, that was a pleasant surprise..

Liz: you make a good point; it is very important to know why you blog in the first place..

MPJ: I read about Google pulling your "ads" and it doesn't make a lot of "sense." I know there are other groups out there that have a better CPM, so check those out..

califmom: if you had a penis, it would have been grounds for a much more interesting (and freaky) weekend.....

Summer: thank you.

Susan: somehow the comments from my peers make me more excited than the possibility of getting paid to write. I am not sure why that is..

Marcy: the wonderful think about the Internetz is that there are so many different blogs and groups of people who blog. If you aren't interested in one, you get to click through until you find one you do like. What made Dooce so popular is she was one of the very first to do what we are doing. That, and she is a good writer. Truly, the comments I see on the CRSB sites are not "good post." They are pithy, and insightful and invite discussion. That is what I want to further here, as well..

Lara: I am over 20 years out of high school and sometimes that feeling comes up and knocks me in the nose and I ask did I ever really leave?.

Laura: exactly, writing is a state of mind. It's what we do..

Inzaburbs: you make a good point about blogging being a hobby or a job. Something to consider. And my strings are all tangled these days, I have no idea what leads to where..

Kacey: yes, my IRL (In Real Life) friends don't understand blogging or the Blogosphere. Not sure they ever will..

Maddy: welcome to the community, and to the discussion.

T, who says keep the conversation going, please!

1 sent chocolate:

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Ha! Cute play on words. Thanks for the good thoughts.

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