Saturday, July 19, 2008

The One About the Wild Party

More pics...this time of the People's [sic] Party. This is the 2nd post, if you haven't seen it, scroll down and read the first one underneath. By the time we got to the People's Party, the booze was gone. We skated to the Newbie Mixer, no booze there, either. I had to cave and buy an $8.00 beer. And they had NO black beer, no Guinness, no Bass...drank Heineken. Not my first choice. Checked out the mens' restroom where the very drunk Bloggess was holding court with some random guys from Yahoo and @lauralovesart. (that sounds nasty, but I swear that there was just talk) Oh yes, and got licked by Mrs. Flinger.

Ended up in the bar with CalifMom, Laura and her "entourage" as she called her, name was actually Angela.

We watched the Bloggess get really drunk (or rather, remain so) were hit on by two very inebriated Spanish men who wanted to talk about sex, and had Denney's at 3 in the morning, which made me sick the next day. I missed the opening, and my first session praying to the porcelain god. And the sad thing? I didn't even drink enough to get sick, so I didn't even have the pleasure of the buzz before I got sick. Managed to get up around noon, after heaving my guts numerous times. Felt waaay too much like my college days. Do NOT, under pain of death, eat at the Denney's on Mission in San Francisco. Took an HOUR for the server to take our order, then it makes me sick. Nice job, Denneys.

Yes, that is me with the Bloggess, her royal Jennyness. She is not nearly as funny in real life. She's funnier! And cute as a button. can I describe THE Bloggess as "cute as a button?" Hanging with @lauralovesart and @GeekMommy (not pictured @califmom)... serious friends for life me with Backpacking Dad...he's awesome, brought Mommy Wants Vodka, Aunt Becky to party in form of bottle of Grey Goose. What a guy. Everyone was toasting to Aunt Becky, sorry she couldn't be here.

Will post more tomorrow. Wish you were here!

T, who will sell a kidney to come back to Blogher again

7 sent chocolate:

Kelley said...

Day-um. Dying here with the jealousy

Not for the vomiting though. You can have that one babe.

Summer said...

Sounds like quite the party! I'm so jealous!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

So you met JENNY, you hugged SHAWN, and FLINGER licked you. You do know that you can pretty much die now right? Oh, yeah and you were at KAWASAKI'S are too famous for me now.

Just kidding. I am glad that you are having a good time. I am just sorry that part of that time was spent puking.

Anonymous said...

I love you to pieces! Had so much fun with you and @califmom and @geekmommy! p.s. you must teach me how to make a link! If you are out and about in sf anymore call me and ill come hang out if poss. ill dm you my #.

~Laura/ aka @lauralovesart

Aunt Becky said...

I'm glad that I could be there in spirit form. Next year, NEXT year, I will be there to meet you all.


Sarcasta-Mom said...

Someday I'll get to BlogHer....someday....

mrsmogul said...

Wow how cool!! I thought that was George Michael at first!

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