Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, But Does It Come With a Wardrobe?

We're driving in the car on the way home from a birthday party this afternoon. I am already feeling pretty good, because, though all the kids there were on the Spectrum, mine are less high-maintenance than most who were there.

We are listening to my iPod and tooling along, when a small voice comes from behind:

"When I grow up, I'm not having a lion because they are much too hard to train."

Because, you know, you can just go to any neighborhood Pets R' Us and buy a lion...

Amazing the things that kids say...and Spectrum kids seem to say things that are even more random than most.

What's the funniest or most random thing your child (or a child you know) has said?

T, who is constantly entertained

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Trish said...

I can't think of a really funny one at the moment, but my son says, "That's what I didn't meant" instead of "That's not what I meant". If you think about it, it makes sense how he came up with it, but it sounds funny.

SUEB0B said...

When he was learning to tell time, my nephew looked at a glass of tea with a lemon slice in it and said "Look! It's a lemon-thirty!"

Summer said...

How funny! Mine say silly/funny/odd things all the time, but I never remember to write them down. I gotta start remember to do this.

Jannalou said...

We were in the car one day, and the child I work with started saying, "It's not a monstER, it's a monstAH."

His father is British. Apparently this child occasionally does speak in an English accent.

It was totally random, though, and he said it several times. :D

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Trish: that is silly, but it does make sense.

Summer: definitely, if you don't write it down, you will forget, as evidenced by all the interesting things my now-14 yr old said when she was younger, that I can't recall.

SueBob: Lemon thirty, is that related to wine o'clock? Because that's a time I know.

jannalou: I just love absolutely random exchanges. Sort of a conversation in their heads that we can't hear until the punchline.

Anonymous said...

After seeing The Dark Knight, my sons listened to their grandfather commenting on the terrible villain. My 17-y-o Aspie calmly said that, "The Joker just didn't like those other guys."

Liv said...

my personal fave is from my PDD-NOS son last night as I walked into the playroom: "Oh, hello, Mom. What brings you here?"

gee, i dunno... laundry? saying hi to you?

the kid cracks me up.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

cathy: your son is the master of understatement! I am afraid to see the Dark Knight, because I know how the Joker is supposed to come across and I hear that Heath Ledger nailed it. Scary.

Liv: that is exactly the thing my littlest daughter says to me! It cracks me up, as well. "Oh, hello, Mommy. What brings you here?" I love the "little professor" quality of her speech.

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