Monday, September 29, 2008

Let Me Save You Some Time

Sometimes problems you never even thought of can occur through a global society. Saturday night, I was on twitter and someone posted that Daylight Savings Time starts in the wee hours. It's on twitter, must be true, right? So without even really thinking about it, I took it as gospel. Yes, I am stupid don't think sometimes.

Though I hate DST, I do like that extra hour of sleep available in the fall, when we turn the clocks back an hour. I do know Congress passed a law to extend Daylight Savings Time, I figured it was now. We attend church, so that hour is welcome. I let JBug stay up to watch Saturday Night Live, and the Palin sketch, thinking she would be able to make up that hour.

Maybe I Need More Sleep

Sitting here at midnight, I realize, I haven't seen anyone else mention a time change. Now, sometimes I miss important events in the news, so I figured that was the case. I hit Google News, and there is no mention. So I do a web search and find a site for the Navy. Turns out, Daylight Savings Time changes Nov 2! Ack! So...I sent my daughter to bed, realizing she was going to be tired. And I felt really stupid.

More searching uncovered that the tweet must have originated from NEW ZEALAND. Because they did indeed start DST on Saturday night. And now? I am embarrassed to be such a follower.

But at least I didn't show up late for church and have to explain why!

>What weirdness have you learned on twitter or the Net? Did you fall for it, or did it mess you up?

T, who, aw, I got nothin'

3 sent chocolate:

network marketing company said...

nice post.

Joe said...

I usually don't know about DST until the DAY of the change. I don't know what I'm going to do now that we've got a baby.... we're not exactly caught up on current events anymore.

T. said...

network: thanks! Glad you liked it. Now we know when DST actually is, right?

joe: as I had shown, if you listen to twitter *check your sources* Of course, with a baby, you won't know which end is up, so DST is a moot point for you, anyway.


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