Monday, September 01, 2008

Are YOU Working?

That's right, it's Labor Day Weekend. And as such, I am feeling tapped. So, this song has been in my head since I wrote this post. In high school, I would cruise Main with "mah buds" and we would rawk this song. We were somethin' in our plastic jelly shoes, Valley-Girl miniskirts, polo shirts with the collars up, , loud jewelry and Big Hair. At one point, I had a purple streak in my bangs. I was hawt. So.

Here you go. No, it's ok, you don't have to thank me. Not rocking the mullet will be thanks enough.

What blast from the past "moldy oldie" is part of the soundtrack of your life?

T, who's got nothin so you get a video'

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Casdok said...

I will have this song in my head now! Brought back some memories!

Mary Beth said...

Oh My God! How scary is it that I knew what the song was before I turned on the sound on my computer and before the label came up? Hi, my name is Mary Beth and I'm addicted to music from the 80's:D

My song is Mad World by Tears for Fears - - still stops me dead in my tracks when I hear it.

Manager Mom said...

Oh... I am about to post some pictures from my fashion-challenged teenagerdom... and I am sorry to say, I did have a Mullet Era.

Joe said...

I woke up with "The Devil Went to Georgia" by "The Charlie Daniels Band" in my head.

Strange how that happens.

::Sylvia:: said...

LOL. Lovin' the music! I'm glad we'll be working together on BD! I have two cousins with autism (they're brothers) too.

Love your blog!

RC said...

I love this song... And yes, I'm an 80s child. The proof is in the hair (sorry to do shameless self-promotion, but thought it might make you chuckle) -

Just came over to check you out and say "hi" via All Mediocre. Take care!

dfugate said...

What to choose.....Adam & the Ants, Pretenders, Duran Duran, Echo & the Bunnymen. Ahhhhhhh, still love them all ;)

T. said...

casdok: I have a ton of 'em.. love YouTube

mary beth: yes that is scary that you knew it...time for an update music-wise?

manager mom: I think we all had a mullet era. Shhh!

joe: where do you go in your sleep?!

sylivia: it seems that autism has touched everyone anymore. I am looking forward to BD, too.

rc: love the 80's, truly. And NEVER apologize for putting the link to your post in my comments, I love it! (that goes for anyone...wish that Blogger did the WP Comment Luv thing

dfugate: I love all those except Pretenders. I don't know why, they just leave me cold.

ThatGirl said...

Loverboy! Awesome. I love the head scarfs.

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