Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrrr And Guess What Day It Be?

Ahoy, mateys! Ye know what day it be, now don't ya? It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day and ye be cordially invited to join with those of us who be talkin' like the scallywags we be! We all have some swashbuckler in us, now. Don't be sayin' I can't do it, get to it, smartly!

Years ago, two scurvy dogs created this here holiday, with the help of Dave Barry. And the rest is history, me hearties!

So's even if ye be landlubbers, hoist the colors, let fly Jolly Roger and join me in a mug o' grog. We be singin' sea shanteys and takin' a break from swabbin' the deck for a mite.

But, if ye prefer, there's always walkin' the plank like the bilge rats ye are if ye don't want to cooperate. But would much rather offer ye some grub and o' course more grog, to boot! HAR!

Later this day me crew and I be descendin' on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Mouse House. What be a day of talkin' like a pirate without a ship at yer command, aye?

This NOT be a real pirate

If'n ye be stuck fer Pirate Lingo, this may be of help to ye:

Pirate Dictionary

Or to share yer wit with twitter smartly: Pirate Translator

and this be where ye can log your adventures to be had while ye talk like a Pirate..aye, comments? How do ye plan to spend the day?

T, who be talkin' like a pirate on more days than just this

2 sent chocolate:

Sarcasta-Mom said...

My husband LOVES this day. He wishes he was a pirate.

And dang woman, you've got your pirate lingo down!

T. said...

sarcasta-mom: Aye, yes, I have me lingo down, but ye must remember me son's love of piratey things. Talk Like A Pirate Day used to be every day here!


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