Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Maybe It'll Pay For the Old Folks Home?


JBug: I bet JBear would LOVE the Hard Rock Cafe! JBear: Rock Hard Cafe? I wanna go! Yeah, ROCK ON!

Hello? The kid is NINE. And apparently, has too much time on his hands...He needs more chores and less Guitar Hero?

Well, at least he is homeschooled, so he doesn't have to quit school in order to become an expert at the game.

Do you play Guitar Hero? Will you admit it?

T, who swears if I hear "More Cowbell" come outta his mouth he is going to military school

*edited to add: Hey! Maybe it really WILL pay for the Old Folks Home!

Apparently, the kid who dropped out is pretty good...wins contests

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mrsbear said...

First off, I love the cowbell skit. More cowbell!

Second, we play Guitar Hero, alot. Not just the included, but I don't play for my own selfish pleasures, I do it just to help my son and his wee hands that can't always work the buttons fast enough on medium. Yeah. That's my story, I'm sticking to it. I never ever play while the kids are at school and the baby is sleeping. Nope. Not me.

My photo today is also Guitar Hero inspired coincidentally. And I'm sending chocolate.

Gayle said...

I gave it a try...I was horrible. My right and left hands do not do different things at the same time (other than typing). It is fun, and my kids love it. Everybody wants to be a rock star!

Jenn P. said...

My kids love Guitar Hero. I haven't tried to play it yet but my sister loves it.

lonestar818 said...

I do play Guitar Hero and I admit it :) I love it!

And I love the Cowbell skit, lol. Christopher Walken is hilarious :)

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