Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who Is To Blame For Bullying?

teh funny will be back tomorrow...but I had to comment about this..

Apparently an 11 year old boy hanged himself because he was being bullied daily by classmates, called names, and accused of being gay. His mother repeatedly tried to get the school to do something. Now, it's too late. When will these schools learn?

If you create a culture of hate, you are directly responsible for the aftermath.

Mom needs to sue the school. For one reason: to send a message. Bullying is not "boys being boys." It's not "what kids do." It's wrong, it creates a dangerous environment. It makes it impossible to learn. It steals a child's soul. No, I do not think I am being overly dramatic. No one has the right to be evil to one another.

Bullying comes in many forms, It can be physical, it can be emotional (outcast,fighting words, intimidation), it can be's all designed for one purpose: to cause the target pain.

Until schools get the message, we need to keep fighting. There needs to be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on bullying. Period. It is never ok. It is our job as parents to protect our children. And this child's mother tried. She wasn't taken seriously. Enough is enough.

Sending the message to the school district, (and others that continue to look the other way) in the form of a Big Fat Check won't bring mama's baby back. But it will cause schools to think twice about pretending not to see what goes on. They bear a responsibility for this. They were aware it was happening, and did nothing.

Knowing bullying is going on and letting it go is tacitly approving it.

That child's blood is on their hands.

T, who believes a child has a right to be safe

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Janes Insane said...

Schools & parents really need to step it up. Kids are so vulnerable during all their school years, a joke at the expense of another sadly brings about situations like this. It is such a tragedy, especially since it could have been avoided. That poor child & his mom. Heartbreaking.

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