Monday, April 20, 2009

Too Hot to Write With Any Wit, Or At Least, That's The Excuse I Am Going With

Just a quick post...It's hot. Today is Monday. The car door's automatic lock is stuck, so the passenger has to get in from the other side and crawl through.(thankfully, there are no pictures of this, because if they wound up on YouTube I would have to be killing somebody) I am feeling bleh, just sort of down. Weary. We didn't go to park day because of a fit (and it wasn't even mine!) Now we have to go to ballet and it is still insanely hot. Last time I checked the temperature, it was 99 degrees. In. April. Crazy.

But, I have things to be happy about, I am just needing to remember them. Besides the obvious stuff like health and family, I bought a kick-ass pair of 4.5 inch heels. (that's right, your heart out) that were completely impractical, but on sale. And sexy as hell. So..

And finally, these cute leaded glass garden stakes, that my husband, J, bought for me.. they are wiggly, and make me unreasonably happy.... It's Spring, beyotches! Now, go and find your bliss!

T, who will write more later tonight

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Anna said...

We missed you at park day. Is that a pic of the "actual" shoes? I've been liking my heels as well. I hadn't worn any in years, until recently.
LOVE the garden stake! :)

T, blog owner said...

Those are the actual Nine West shoes. Bought them at Ross. Love them. And the garden stakes came from Home Depot. Hard to believe, but true. Love those, too. I really am so easy to please.

Sorry I missed you all at park day. It was one of those days. We have been having a lot of them lately.

Tony Letts said...

Any woman wearing those shoes gets my attention! The wiggly stakes are brilliant! If it helps, yesterday was a bad world day if the Tweets are true

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