Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day & Get Me Some Earplugs, STAT

scroll to the bottom for list of April Fool's Day pranks online...after you read the post, of course...

Just in time for April Fool's little daughter decided to come out of hiding.

JBean has a new past time. For hours, she will take pictures and make videos with Photo Booth on the Mac. Today, I managed to upload a couple of them to YouTube for your torment enjoyment. Now that I know what I am doing technically, be ready for more videos.

If you think this is bad, keep in mind I listened to this for 3 hours. She was having so much fun, I didn't have the heart to stop her.

Still here? Ok, then, try this one. Something about bunnies, kangaroos and bears that eat people. And spiders. There's spiders in there, too.

T, who figures maybe she will learn something about tech by playing

Throughout the day, I will be updating the April Fool's Day goofiness I find on the web. If you come across stuff I haven't updated, put it in comments w/ link and I will add it.

Guardian To Ceasee Publication and Switch To Twitter Aquires Twitter
Google Introduces CADIE
Think Geek, Unicorn Chaser, Squeez Bacon, Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, Buzzword Wristband
smellr (like flickr, but for your nose
Kodak's New Camera Aquired By Facebook
Qualcomm Convergence goofiness
Introducing Opera Browser Face Gestures
YouTube Rolls Out New Layout
Gmail Goes Auto-Reply
Google Chrome in 3D
Warner Bros. Aquires Pirate Bay Announces Rooms On the Moon
IE To Offer Mozilla-Based Plug-Ins
Internet Reboot Today
Expedia Books Flights To Mars
Add Some Shine To Your Website
reddit Changes Its Layout
Woot, pay $3, a million dollars shipping
Facebook To Acquire Twitter, All Traffic Will Go Through Facebook
Flying Scotsman to Get Makeover
Firefox Changes Add Ons to Change-Arounds
Text N Walk app Released
Wikipedia Gets Into the Spirit
Some Curious Science Discoveries At NewScientist
World's First Flying Hotel
Turtle Wax Moves to Free-Range Turtles
An oldie, but a favorite, about penguins
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