Saturday, April 04, 2009

What? This is How All 15 Year Olds Talk...Right??

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My oldest daughter channels Sheldon, from Big Bang Theory. (pretty sure I have mentioned this...) She is at her happiest using 14 words when 3 would suffice. Suppose she got my genes, as we all know how I tend to rattle on (and on, and on). Yes, it's true, I am in desperate need of an editor some days.

Also, in keeping with the geek flava in this household, many conversations occur over the computer. J will tweet at me, and I to him. And JBug will IM us both, as we all sit in the same room at our computers. (yes, we also talk, shuddap) but sometimes it is just easier to IM.

See? Talk about needing that editor... it just took me two paragraphs to post a lousy IM, and now this post is longer than the entire conversational exchange between JBug and me. Ah well, so I already messed that up, here it is in any case, for your be amusement.

*for those who don't know, she was asking for a rabbit (lagomorph) shaped Easter marshmallow.. it's ok, it takes a while to learn JBug-speak

T, who must have my brain on, 24/7 and think fast

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