Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Scheme of Things, Does it Really Even Matter?

forgive me, but after today, with attending little Maddie Spohr's memorial, I am not so in the mood to you get just a short blurb.

This last weekend, my beloved twitter was attacked by an evil 17 year old kid with too much time on his hands. Because I don't want to give him any more press than he is already getting...this made me think about security online, and how, well, it doesn't exist. Twitter is from the Belkin school of security, clearly, and well, this cartoon from User Friendly says it all...(click to enlarge)

I am holding out though. I need my twitter. I just wish they would get more serious about security.


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4 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

It worries me too because I NEED Twitter. Does anyone have any ideas how we can all meet up and chat again in the event that Twitter falls off the perch?

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Janes Insane said...

Um, I hope that info about Twitter is a joke, right? If not, we all be screwed.

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T, blog owner said...

what info? The worm? Oh no, it was absolutely true. 4 different attacks. Google it.

janes insane said...

I wonder if we made our Twitter accts private, if that would prevent someone spreading a worm or virus from affecting us?

Recent blog post: Today I’m okay and glad to be here

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