Saturday, August 09, 2008

What the Hell's Wrong With Me?

My bathroom buddy Jenny, the funniest blogger I know, wrote a post over on her blog about her neuroses. She asked about others' neuroses and I realized I had the makings of a post, right there! So, here, without further ado, are my foibles and OCD-tendencies. Please refrain from laughing until you leave. yes, this means you, stop laughing, I might cry.

So here, for your amusement, I present, in no particular order:

  • I will only use a thin-bowled spoon. If the only clean spoon is a thick-bowled spoon, I will wash a thin-bowled spoon rather than use the spoon in the drawer.
  • If I go into a bathroom, and the mirror faces the door, I close my eyes until I get the light on. I never go into a dark room with a mirror without having a light on. Too much Bloody Mary, as a kid, I guess.
  • I am a nightowl. I can go to bed at just about anytime, but I play a game with myself. No matter what time I go to bed, I don't look at the clock. I put a cloth over it, and tell myself it is midnight. It works. I have been doing this for years.
  • I don't touch public bathrooms. I flush with my foot, then wash and use the towel to open the door. I am not a germophobe anywhere else
  • I hate drinking water. I will pretty much only drink Arrowhead water. Or, water that comes out of my fridge filter, with lemon and ice. I have tried to make myself drink different bottled water, but I can't. I can absolutely taste the difference.
  • I always eat the cake, then the frosting. I am very careful about this. I feel guilty if I eat the frosting first.
  • I hold my breath during orgasm. I heard somewhere that it made it better, and now I don't know how to stop, so I keep doing it
  • I am beyond terrified of cockroaches. I shudder just looking at the word. My reaction is pure fear.
  • I never read the end of a book until I get to it naturally. I have never gone to the end to see if I want to buy the book. Makes me crazy to watch other people do it.
  • I am very sensitive to sounds, like styrofoam squeaking, fork scraping or wind chimes. They set my teeth on edge.
  • I think the most evil invention is the gas-powered blower. Loud, obnoxious, and blows the debris somewhere else. The epitome of life in the United States: make it someone else's problem. If a gardener uses one around me, I make him stop
  • I have to wash my hair twice. Just like the shampoo says. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Even if I am washing in the middle of camping, I still have to wash my hair twice. It's a thing.
  • I eat all of the ice cream and save the hot fudge, so I can have a bite of just hot fudge at the end
  • I hate socks. I mean really hate them. I wear them about twice a year, when it is so cold my toes are blue
  • I check the door, every night, twice before I go to bed. Even if I know that I locked it earlier

So there you have, it those are the things that make me weirder than you are. Think I am wrong? Leave your weirdness in the comments, and we'll compare notes.

What weird things do you do? Don't worry,it will just be between us

T, who is more screwed up than I thought

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Now I'm totally going to be holding my breath during orgasms and thinking of you.

That didn't come out right.

Trish said...

I never realized there were different kinds of bowls on spoons, but I am with you on drinking water. Luckily they started making Vitamin Water, and I will drink that!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Oh, I am so with you on so many of these, especially the socks. I can't stand them either.

I'm also a night owl and can't fall asleep before midnight unless I'm totally exhausted. I'm going to have to try that trick with the cloth!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I must admit. I laughed...alot. But if it makes you stop crying I have to also admit it was because I could relate to so many of your neurosis. I too can taste the difference in waters, read the whole book, and save the fudge to eat last. Can't say that I've held my breath during orgasm though...hmm maybe I will try it!! Thanks for putting it all out there. I am working on my list to play along!!

Miss Banshee said...

Unless I'm actually IN the shower, the curtain has to be completely open. That's where the serial killers hide, you know.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you and I are totally in agreement on the first one.

As for me? The short list I'm willing to leave here:

1) The sound of someone chewing ice makes me homicidal. Similarly anything that makes a noise like that - Doritos, potato chips, etc. I have to resist physically pummeling the person doing this near me.

2) I'm terrified of all bugs - except spiders - the rest of the world has arachnophobia, me? it's ants that are the worst. Ants can go anywhere we go - including outer space. Creepy crawly things.

3) I can't stand the feel of chalk dust, dirt, clay or any 'drying' substance on my hands. I'm putting lotion on now just thinking about it.

Okay, I can't keep writing this - it's starting to creep me out! lol

Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

I'm with you on the mirror thing.

I refuse to look at a mirror in the dark and the sound of cellophane being pulled off of a package of some sort drives me nuts.

Oddly enough, the sound of fingernails on a chalk board doesn't bother me at all.

Susan said...

I cannot stand it when someone chews on the raw wood of a popsicle stick or coffee stirrer. I get raging shivers and goosebumps.

Ghennipher said...

I'm totally addicted to my iPhone notifications. If I hear the email notification on my iPhone, even in the middle of the night, it will wake me out of REM sleep and I can't help but wake up and check it!

I can turn off the notifications. Wrong answer!!

Christine said...

I loved that post of Jenny's. I totally wish I would have been in the bathroom with you guys. I just left early. I couldn't deal.

I am the same way w/ public restrooms. I'm afraid I'm turning my kids into freaks about you, it's the only time I'm a germophobe.

The sound of ice in a drink clinking up against glass makes me want to punch a puppy.

Elizabeth Channel said...

I have to wear socks to sleep, so I'm sort of opposite on the sock thing.

When I make Kraft macaroni and Cheese, I use all the dried cheese packet, double the water and half the noodles so it will be more like a watery, cheesy nooddle soup.

TLC said...

jenny: the bloggess: if I had a quarter for everytime someone said that to me.. ;oD

trish: I was recently camping for a week, and it was HOT. The only water was cheapie stuff so I went to Target and bought my Arrowhead. Then, because I felt guilty, I used my Sigg bottle so no one else would know

mary: seriously, the clock trick WORKS..try it and tell me what you think. The key is not to look at the clock at all

mel: link me to your list once you have it done, and I will post it.

missbanshee: that's how mine is, as well. I keep my tub clean so that I can leave the curtain open.

geekmommy: I can't stand wet stuff on my hands, like finger paint. Just kill me now. I don't mind lotion, but paint, glue, any of it? ::shudder:: I will also remember not to chomp ice around you...

amy: fingernails only bother me if I am really tired. But someone cutting their fingernails makes me homicidal

susan: I live with chewers...I have learned to cope. but, I hate it.

gennipher: you got it baaad! I sleep my computer and leave it in the living room, and my cell phone is charging in another room. otherwise I would be waking up to check, as well. But if I had an iPhone, I wouldn't sleep, I would just gaze at it all night long.

christine: the bathroom was surreal. And fun. I still didn't touch anything... I have already turned my youngest into a germophobe in the public bathrooms..she always uses a paper towel to open the door now

elizabeth: as much as I hate socks, it was so cold last week camping at SWC that I wore socks in my sleeping bag!

Anissa Mayhew said...

Ok, I'll admit it. If I'm getting into my vehicle and it's dark, I have to do a lap around my vehicle and make sure there's no one waiting inside to kill all of us from the backseat. I will also check my rearview mirror until the phobia pases. what can I say, I've heard one too many urban legends!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

Night Owl here. I'm going to have to try the alarm clock trick. Read my quirks here Quirks

I have an award for you ~ come collect it!

TLC said...

anissa: before I had a minivan, I used to peer into the car to make sure no one was lying in wait. Now, with my smoked windows, I'm pretty much screwed.

cindi: award received and in the queue for posting, THANK YOU. Did the alarm clock trick work for you?

mommy~dearest said...

OMG- I thought I was the only one who held my breath.

Starlene said...

I suffer from the "bloody mary" thing, too, and I do the public restroom drill as well. Other than that... sorry but you are weirder than I am. :-D (at least, I'll let you believe that)
Great list!

cmdhdpeterson5 said...

I totally relate to the water. There is a difference in taste - I prefer Desani though. If I go in the bathroom with the light out I can't look in the mirror either. Always eat the cake first - saving the best part for last I guess. And read the book to the end. See, everyone has a little weirdo in them.

Kaye said...

Several of these I can really identify with. However, the real reason I'm commenting is this:

You are the answer to my question. I've always wondered who did that "Repeat" step on the shampoo. Now I know that they continue printing that on the bottle for you.

Thank you. Now, on to other quandries. =)

TLC said...

mommy-dearest: so funny that you do it, too. I have no idea where I learned it...

Starlene: I know you, you are pretty weird! How's the new digs?

cmdhdpeterson5: Glad you are with me on the water. It does have a different taste. Few will believe me.

kaye: sadly, yes, I am the one that actually washes twice. Though I have to say,in my defense, I don't need the directions on the bottle to tell me what to do.

Thanks for commenting!


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